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Returning the Bible and Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment.
And Jesus said unto him,   Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.  Lk 9:50  KJV
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FR..   I.. Home + Introduction: Purposes of: Web Site, Programs, HISways USA, Inc.

      |:. Prayer List Index:
[ |FR : National Prayer List;   http://Hisways.org/prayerlist/pray-lst-national.htm, Feds, NEA, Textbook Publishers, PC Issues.
[ |FR : District Prayer List;   http://Hisways.org/prayerlist/pray-lst.htm, school board, phonics, abstinence, religion, evolution.
[ |FR : Classroom Prayer List; http://Hisways.org/prayerlist/pray-lst-lions.htm, close the "lions" mouths that devour our Daniels. 

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  II.. /HIStory/ of Government, Schools and Religion:  A critique of historical documents and events.
[ |FR : 1. The Great Commission, The Creed, The Great Enlightenment. - HISways® USA, Inc.
[ |FR : 2. Spiritual References in Colonial Charters. 17th Century - HISways USA, Inc.
[ |FR : 3. Spiritual Themes in USA Founding Documents. 18th Century
[ |FR : 4. Released Time Bible Study in Public Schools. 20th Century
[ |FR : 5. Church Discipleship Expectations. - HISways USA, Inc.   Let's not reinvent the wheel.

..III...What are the available Public School Programs in the  /USA/ ?  Almost 100+ links to local and national
       ..organizations that seek to minister to public school children, teachers and parents.
               "The Catalog of Public School Ministries."

...IV...Wisdom Programs by /STATES /: Check the Resources for your State.

...V...Where To / START /: For Parents.  Seek your authorization and permission.  Then get your vision.

 .VI...What else /You CAN DO /:  Home School ( Part-Time; F-Time), Show ? Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors.

 ..VII. / HOW TO / Start A Program: (Priorities ? Strategies ? Tools.) 
..All of the titles below are listed on the HOWTO/index page with a short abstract for your convenience.
[ FR : 1. How to start a Abstinence Sex Ed Class,

2. How to write a Church Bulletin Insert for your public school program. (An example.) ,

3. Surveys:
a.) School Survey / Questionnaire Form..,
b.) Business Survey / Questionnaire Form , 
c.) Community Survey / Questionnaire Form.
d.) School Released Time Survey / Ques. Form
e.) A BLANK  Survey / Petition / Poll Form.,
f.)  "Subjects" For 
  1. BLANK  Survey Form. ,
  2. Petition #1.  NCBCPS, Bible Curriculum in PS's.
  3. Petition #2.  NCBCPS ,
4. How To Become A Christian ,

5.  ' Teacher Reacher Cards', & ' Holiday Restoration Campaign': 

6. How to run an advertisement to get information & individuals for goals participation in your area. 

[ FR 7. HowTo/ Sample Opt Out Letters. Write Opt Out Letters. f

justice truth
..VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders: to protect our Freedoms of Speech and Religion etc.
Defense Attorneys and Lawyers:  and  Tort Funding and Training Centers:

..IX.  Stand Up For Your Children's Faith, / STEWARD/ship, Discipleship and Discipline with Resources.
Permission is granted to print, duplicate and distribute, unedited for noncommercial purposes the following:
RELIGIOUS GUIDE FOR PARENTS & PUBLIC SCHOOLS; http://Hisways.org/steward/Rel-Guid.htm  , 
           |  "Intent To File A Religious Discrimination Claim" [Under the No Child Left Behind Law] , How parents can protect their child's religious freedoms on campus. [See also: Miscellaneous Rights ]
FREE TEN COMMANDMENTs Textbook Cover Art Work:
           | TEN COMMANDMENTs originalModified 10 Commandments  |  God's Liberals  |
           | Absolute Truth of the Holy Bible   |  Biblical Colloquialisms  |   "Steward",  defined   |  HISways flyer, bulletin insert   |
 » /TrueScienceCD/  ... True Science CD and Online Videos by Creation Science Evangleism and Dr. Kent Hovind.
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Other Resources:
 » Reading the Bible Through - A Daily Time Schedule to Read It Through In 3, 2 or 1 years.   [ 31102-BibleVerses.pdf ] (file)
 » Bible Reading Chart.html , 1 year Bible Reading Chart , from Into Thy Word Ministries. [ 1 pg. PDF ] (file)
 » Bible Reading In Chronological Order.html , 1 year Bible as history Reading Chart, from Into Thy Word Ministries. [ 2 pgs. PDF ] (file)
 » Bible Reading In Chronological Order2011.html , 2 year Bible Reading Chart as history . [ 2 pgs. PDF ] (file)
 Harmony of The Gospels; Reading The NT Bible Based on Chronological Events.  Read the 4 gospels through simultaneously in 63 days. [ 5 pgs. PDF ]
 » Common Phrases Found In The Bible; Do Biblical Colloquialisms Have A Secular Purpose?  Proof That Teaching The Bible To Public School Children Has A Valuable Secular Purpose For Understanding Our English Language And Our History And Our Culture!  Common Phrases From The Bible  [PDF] (file)

  X.  Cooperating Ministries:  / Coop-Min / .
The National Association of Evangelicals has endorsed the  "Declaration for Public Education "(good).
Many school based associations and unions signed both the "STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES" (good) and the
"Sexual Orientation ? Youth" "(bad) documents and sent the latter to all of the USA school boards.  Click on /Coop-Min/ above.
1. What kind of cooperation already exists?
           | Darrell Scott : Columbine HS Father Speaks Out, in memory of his daughter, Rachel Joy Scott.
2. THE DECEIT of  'Sexual Orientation '
           | Changed Lives - Hope For Healing | Overcoming Addictions |
3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?
4. The "Fears of the Rich and Famous", Their "Over Population" Lie ? Pro-Death Platform!

    XI. /About/  HISways®USA, Inc.. The Parents' "State of Education" Messages.
[/About FRames Page] (BLUE FRAMES)
2012. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2012.  >
    Defend Religious Liberty, Vote YES - Florida Constitutional Amendment #-8,  2012-09-FL-ReligiousLibertyAmend.html  ;

2011. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2011.  >
    Evolutionism VS Creation Science Evangleism via online teaching and studying videos. ,  TrueScienceCD/index.html

2010. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2010.  >
    Freedom Principle 28. The United States has a manifest destiny to be an example and a blessing to the entire human race.   (National Center for Constitutional Studies, 1981.).  The 5000 Year LEAP by W. Cleon Skousen ,  Principle28ManifestDestiny.pdf ;

2009. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2009.  >
    Approved Authors Opt-In & Opt-Out Letter For Intellectual Freedom In Public School(s)
; (/Howto/letters/)
2008. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2008.  > Summary re: Progress of Community Petition to Pinellas County School Board Regarding The Liberty Counsel's 'Model Policy On Religion'.  Success!
            Separation of Church and State.
2007. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2007.  >
     Comparing The Declaration of Independence with The 10 Amendments [Bill of Rights]; Common Features in a Brief Tutorial.
2006. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2006.  > 
    The Blaine Amendments And Hisways PLAVNIC Resolution For Redress From The Court's Secular Religion in Public Schools.
2005. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2005.  >
    SCOPE , Establishment of Secular Religion  ,  How To Disestablish "The Secular Religion", Who/Proselyting Secular Religion ,
2004. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2004.  >
    3rd. Re-calculation of Primary Influencers In HS Kids. 2004 ; with Summary
2003. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2003.  >
    2nd. Re-calculation of Primary Influencers In HS Kids. 2003. , The "Engine of Atheism".
2002. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2002.  >  What others are saying about "MAD" Curriculum with proof texts.
2001. The Parents' "State of Education" Message AD 2001.

  XII. /Affiliate/  Nonprofit Organization Information.. Duplicating / Starting A Chapter(s).

 Sign up for 100% Pro Life Long Distance on your land line.XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities http://Hisways.org/donors/index.htm.for the sake of public school children.
       Save money (and donate) by using our . . . 
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that donates a penny to Hisways, see Hisways.org/HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html
|1. Be A Special Friend | 2. Events | 3. In-Kind Donations | 4. Designated Programs | 5. Time, Now is Best |

...XIV. /WhenTo/ START:  (Projects, Plans and Timelines by monthly eNewsLetters.)
A series of monthly eNewsLetters covering the Major Spiritual Topics (III...What are the available Public School Programs in the  /USA/ ) in Public Schools subscribe 

`In God We Trust` Framed Poster
XV. /Motto/   National Motto:  'In God We Trust' - in every classroom campaign.

...XVI. /Amend/Letters/ Re: Trinitarian Christian Bible and Prayer Amendment Inquiry  [Letter No. 1 of 10.]


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