Subject: Hatch Amendment; procedure for submitting it to the School Board.
   From: "Missy M."
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My name is Missy M. and I am trying to find information pertaining to the Hatch Amendment concerning parental rights.  We are currently trying to gather information to form a parent group and we would like to send Hatch Amendment letters to our School system as a part of our stand.  We want to be certain we are following the proper procedure to avoid any problems.
My daughter has been harassed this year by a liberal Honors English teacher through intimidation and very offensive literature assignments.  We have been in touch with Rutherford Institute and praise God, they are helping us shake their boots so to speak.  However, the Senior Paralegal I spoke with said they deal with Opt-Out policies and Curriculum Excusals for Religious Students.
I would appreciate any information you can send me would be greatly appreciated!
Missy M.

We suggest starting with our web page:
V...Where To / START /: . Seek your authorization and permission and get your vision.
By praying you can get ideas about how to prioritize the following topics:
1.  Determine your power base: Start/join a Parent Prayer Group, be careful to focus on the curriculum/policy and not the teachers, administrators or board members.
2.  Determine your vision: Decide if your Prayer/Hatch Group is going to be temporary (one class, one year, K-12, multi-school, district wide) or incorporate for perpetuity, become an affiliate.  [ 7/10/03 > Other parent helps are the Opt-Out letters, see our 8. Index of Sample Letters to the School Board: on page and our Religious Guide for Public School Parents at:  ]
3.  Determine which audience cares and talk to:   local churches, youth ministries, tax payers, take survey(s), solicit petition(s), (PTA is intentionally omitted) or start talking with your friendly school board members.
4.  Keep praying for the vision.
"Take it slow.  Focus on progress, not perfection." quote by Rick Warren (pg 137 Purpose Driven Church).

You're invited to go to our Web Directory for a list of all of the major topics.  FAQ Index
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