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BEN R  wrote:
Dear Staff at HISWAYS;
        Thanks so much for your prompt response! And I have much good news to
share with you.
        This new Charter School has all parent, teacher, and staff support
already..We are all Christians! There are very few non Christians in the
school. Praise God!
I assume that 'charter' here refers to a public school and so the comments below reflect that assumption.
        I need to learn the laws and how to go about getting all this started. I
        Talk to your local school board attorney and ask him for the applicable state laws.  Get the names and numbers and go get copies of the laws at your local LAW library.  You will need to read and review them from time to time in the future as you set up the class and help inform your associates.   I'm not saying you should dispense legal advice but rather read and apply the law to your situation in a reasonable manner.  When  legal advise is needed then go get it.
I have questions like 'can we have a paid teacher teach the class if its
for an elective credit'?
        Released Time Bible class is your private OFF campus elective religion class.  You arrange for the school to let the children off campus at designated times into your responsibility and bring them back at the right time.   All off campus expenses will be your responsibility.
        The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is the ON campus elective Bible class taught under social studies, history or literature.  This class is taught on campus by the public school teacher who is paid by the school board.  If you are teaching an elective "about religion" it can be taught ON campus.  If you are teaching an elective "religion" class it can be taught OFF campus.
Or does it have to be all voluntary?
        Since it is your class you decide the level of support required.  The following 2 questions can be determined from the laws that you found at the law library .
Can the kids go to the Bible class every day? or only so many times a week? Does
this class work the same for k-8th grade as it does for highschool?
Please help!
                        In His Name; Shannon Perkins
                        Ben.. @

Here's some links to national released time organizations and other good information.
        Call these groups and ask for literature or go to their web sites
[snipped 8/31/02 ]
Sincerely, REK  << Link: FREE 10 Command's textbook cover art << Rel. Guide for Public School Parents

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