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: Disclaimer :  Although the Google-analytics user tracking (See "Privacy" below) is broadly accepted on the internet, it is not completely anonymous.  It is used by GoodSearch, Yahoo and Google and consequently invoked by the HISways.GS.(BkMk) / (IE.Fav).2007ReSearch bookmark Script.   Hisways® can neither approve nor warrant the suitability or appropriateness of Google-analytics for your situation.  See "Privacy" below for additional information, solutions or alternatives. 

Use The Hisways Web Searching Fundraiser by making searches through GoodSearchGoodSearch gifthat uses the Yahoo Search  Engine.  [ Click here to test 'new windows'  [test your browser for openning new windows.] and learn all about "Who, What, Where, When, How, How much and Privacy.[small print]?" GoodSearch. ].-
star bullet gifWHO?  The Hisways USA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 IRS charity and is registered with who manages all searches and returns the results from the Yahoo Search  Engine.
star bullet gifWHAT?  The Yahoo search results that are returned include GoodSearchGoodSearch gif advertisers who pay for ads and from which GoodSearchGoodSearch gif shares 50% of the revenue with HISways USA, Inc..-
star bullet gifWHERE?  (is it?)  The Hisways Research Script is kept in Your Browser's Bookmarks or Favorites.  It is also embedded in - a self editing page for your personal, temporary, repetitive, "throw away" searches.-
star bullet gifWHEN?  The Hisways GoodSearch account and search options have been active since March 2007.  A single payment to Hisways USA, Inc. charity for the account balance is distributed at the end of each year.-
star bullet gifHOW?    The expectation is that a large number of Hisways friends of public school kids, parents and teachers making searches will raise funds.[ Exa. If 499 Hisways friends make 4 searches per day for 6 D/wk for 52 wks that will total up to $6240 per year.].-
star bullet gifHOW much?  For each Hisways GoodSearch search , $.01 will be added to the Hisways account.  Note that this is not $.01 per Click.  It is $.01 per Search. [ Example: 2 Hisways tech's each making 50+/- normal searches per month since mid March have effortlessly generated $5.75 as of 07/19/07.]   The GoodSearch explanation for its 'estimate' is that all searches count instantly but the 'fraudulent searches' i.e. Image or Video searches or website searches like: 'keywords' will be deducted at the end of the day.  You can still search for those items; they just won't raise funds. -
star bullet gifLIMITATIONS? -
          1.)  Not all searches raise funds as just stated.-
          2.)  GoodSearch session cookies must be allowed in order to count the search and record the funds .-
          3.)  The HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav.2007 Research Script requires Javascript to be enabled in your browser.
          4.)  After normal browser maintenance like purging all cookies The HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav.2007 Research Script does not raise funds until resetting GoodSearch Cookie permissions.  The HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav.2007 Research Script will PopUp a new window that will reset the cookie automatically unless you are blocking GoodSearch cookies.-
star bullet gifBENEFITS?-
          1.)  The HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav. allows all of Yahoo's Advanced Search Tips. see: Yahoo TIPS  : ;  [One of the best tips is narrowing your search by adding quotes around your keywords to make a exact phrase search like: "Abraham Abe Lincoln" or "202-224-3121".]
          2.)  You do not need credit cards, personal checks or money orders nor any kind of registration, passwords, nor any personal information, just what is "tracked" by Google-analytics. (See "Privacy" below.)
          3.)  Available only in the HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav.  is the highlighted words (mouseover) feature that allows you to search with a single click; then easily refine your search for maximum benefit.
          4.)  The BEST reason to use Hisways GoodSearch , is to raise funds for: Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children .
          5.)  Please send this page / link to your friends and family and suggest they try the HISways.GS.BkMk /IE.Fav.2007  bookmarklet or/and self editing search page.-
star bullet gifPRIVACY?-
          1.)  GoodSearchGoodSearch gif or/and Yahoo are currently using "google-analytics" for tracking and recording user search statistics; the same as a lot of other web sites.  GoodSearchGoodSearch gif, Yahoo and Google inserts this javascript tracking script at the bottom of each page it returns: .  However this is not the same as a single web site observing its own customers but is like a spy, data mining all of your journeys over the whole world wide web!   These "google security concerns" raise many doubts of integrity of GoodSearchGoodSearch gif, Yahoo and Google.  The following page /link lists some good reasons not to use Google for everything: and provides a way to make your IE browser anonymous. -
          2.)  Here's one reference link to a brief analysis of the negative aspects of the google-analytics:
          3.)  [ 2/25/09 edit;]  There is at least one alternative search engine that does not allow google-analytics tracking, unfortunately it has severely negative web sites closely associated with it; 
          4.)  [12/12/08 edit; since FF 3+ is out we recommend FF with CS Lite Cookie manager plug in.] This is a reference to Security issues with FireFox 2+; i.e. "network.cookie.cookieBehavior".  It is discussed in this interview transcript of the mp3 file: by Steve Gibson ( who is highly respected in internet security circles.  The long voice/audio source mp3 link reference is at the top of that page. [ But it is easier to find the portion called "The Fix for the FF Security Flaw" (approx. 3/4 into file),  by searching on the keywords "about:config" in the text transcript document at:]-
star bullet gifGo back to the file:/ ; page to get the HISways GoodSearch BookMarks-Favorites and ReSearch1.htm, -

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