Holy BibleA_small fund raiser for:   HISways® USA, Inc.
"Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children by exercising our First Amendment Rights."   [ Our Motto. ] 

 Disclaimer:  Although the Google-analytics user tracking system is broadly accepted (See "Privacy" below) , it is not anonymous.  Google-analytics tracking is used by Google, Yahoo, GoodSearch and is by default subject to our HISways.GS.NuWin Bookmark script.  The fund raising script as designed by Goodsearch.com does not work without accepting Goodsearch.com cookies.  Goodsearch.com searches the Yahoo.com database which was bought by Google.com who uses tracking; therefore, Hisways USA, Inc. acknowledges this lack of anonymity.  We receive no data statistics except as shown on our fund raiser page.

     Abstract:   After researching and programming the several ways to use the HISways® Fund Raiser 'Cool Search Tool'; we recommend a single application; just choose the one for your browser.

1.  Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet and related information.
         (a)   Basic info. + other browser bookmarklets >>  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html file:/;
         (b.)  Roman Numerals refer to different applications of the BookmarkLETs:  (I.) (II.) ...

bookmarklet(I.)  'HISways.GS.NuWin'   'because it WORKS in all of these browsers:  FF-v2.0, MOZ-v1.7.5,  SeaMonkey v1.0, Safari v4-beta , but for Netscape use: NS-v4.7 . (I.) IE-v6, Opera v9+,  Internet Explorer /Favorites,  Opera

Just click and drag the Bookmarklet above into your browser Toolbar!
new See HISways...NuWin Flash Demo. for use and bookmarking.
[a.k.a. "3x Cool Search Tool" BookmarkLET ]
Flash size: 1.6 Mb ; Download time @ 56 Kb: 320 Seconds,approximately.
The link above takes you to another page that has information you can browse while the flash is loading.

      Cookies from Goodsearch.com are required to count each search and raise the funds If you regularly clean out cookies The  'HISways.GS.NuWin' bookmarklet won't raise funds until you allow Goodsearch cookies.  In that case try browser specific "II. BookMarkLets" below.

       Additionally, an application that might benefit your web browsing experience is our ReSearch1.htm page that allows you to define your own searches with your own terms.  This is excellent for short term repetitive searches.  It uses our 'Cool Search Tool' BookMarkLet to raise funds.

We have prioritized (in our opinion) the BookMarkLet options from the best above (I.), to least desirable(III.), and "not recommended"(IV. and V.)below. 
Background, reference and resource pages:

5/8/08: (edit)   More Freeware fund raisers:
1.  Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet and related information.
(a.)  3X Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet with DEMO. , file , Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet Readme see (b.) next ;
(b.)  Basic info. + other browser bookmarklets >>  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html file:/;
(c.)  Background on search privacy. >> HiswaysGS-Who-What.html ; file/ ;
2.  For Advanced USES of the Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet:   (a.) "ReSearch Power Page" DEMO (make lots of temporary throw away searches)  ;  (b.) ReSearch1.htm ;
3.  Automatically changes 'OPEN' Dialog Box to "Details":,  (a.)  DEMO of "Details-FixIt" program. ; For background description see: (b.)  Details-FixIt-README.htm page. ; 

*Freeware / Donationware
Donations (US check or cash (not coin)) can be mailed in an envelope to:

HISways USA, Inc.
152 SW Monroe Circle N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33703-1353

Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children by exercising our First Amendment Rights.    Our Motto. 

To receive our 501(c)3 tax deductible receipt for your donation amount, please indicate your preference: "mailed paper receipt", a printable "eMail receipt" or "none" , and give all necessary contact info..

Note: If you want a "mailed paper receipt" please donate at least $10 or more.  If you want a printable "eMail receipt" [PDF] please donate at least $5 or more.  Thanks

 II.  Abstract:   Here is The Browser specific "New Window" Bookmarks-Favorites .   It is our Bookmarks-Favorites method which allows you to highlight (mouseover) some words in a web page  like "Hisways USA", Inc., then click on the Bookmark link to the right that matches your web page browser-viewer.
       The search-results automatically appear in a new browser window! 3xCool !!

Try these >>>  "Hisways USA"
 quote IBM finance 
quote YHOO,GOOG finance
 "Chicago airport" -

   Note 1:  The reason this is rated best is because on every search it renews the cookie that count the searches and awards the funding.  That means that there are no restrictions to your regular purging of browser cookies.
   Note 2:  This Mozilla, FireFox bookmark did not work in SeaMonkey.
The following pages make the Bookmark-Favorite search more usable for work or play:
ReSearch1.htm , ReSearch2.htm , ReSearch3.htm , ReSearchNotes.htm

      Note:   ALL of The "New Window" Bookmarks-Favorites  should work if you allow javascript and GoodSearch 'session Cookies and GoodSearch PopUp Windows.  The `New Windows` feature will open with your search results in it! 3xCool!   Test your browsers "Open New Windows" permissions by opening our "Who, What, Where, When, How, How much and Privacy"  page.   If the page did not open in a new window, That's OK.   For searches not requiring new windows please see Search BOX Info. 

Returns Search Results In A
New Window!
This is an Image not the Bookmark/Favorite. Don't DRAG this.
Internet Explorer /Favorites + Opera
< HISways.NuWin.IE.FAV.2007>

Returns Search Results In A
New Window!
This is an Image not the Bookmark/Favorite. Don't DRAG this.
Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox, Safari v4-beta,  . .
< HISways.GS.NuWin-BkMk.2007>

The BookMarkLets in this next section returns the search results in the same browser window where the highlighted text appears.

III. Abstract:   Here is the other cool way to search the web with: Yahoo Search ; and also, raise funds for Hisways®.  But you can try the first way right now!  It is our Bookmarks-Favorites method which allows you to highlight (mouseover) some words in a web page  like "Hisways USA", Inc., then click on the Bookmarks-Favorites link to the right that matches your web page viewer (browser). >>
       The search results automatically appear in THIS browser windowCool!spacer
      In  I. Abstract:  Above, we offered a Bookmarks-Favorites that will open a "new window" with the search results of your highlighted words. >>  
       Note:   For these links to work and count, your Browser must: allow GoodSearch session cookies and javascript.   ( Test GS cookies in a New Window. ) ( How to set your browser to accept cookies. ) ( Funding will  not count until the cookies are set so try it 2+ times.)  [Click to check javascript=OK? ]  If you did not see a note after clicking javascript=OK?, then javascript is probably turned OFF for security reasons.  None of the Bookmarks-Favorites will work without javascript.  That's OK.  For non javascript searches please see:  "IV. The Search BOX" below.

 Returns Search Results In
This Window!
This is an Image not the Bookmark/Favorite. Don't DRAG this.
Internet Explorer /Favorites

This is an Image not the Bookmark/Favorite. Don't DRAG this.
> Netscape 6, Mozilla, FireFox <

> Netscape 4.x <

> Safari [4beta] <


'To add the BkMk-Fav  above just Click & Drag The HISways.GS.BkMk into your Bookmark or Favorites.  Alternately, you can right mouse click and choose "Add to Fav.." or "BkMk This Link". 

  Awards - (web site).
I. Introduction  < = ..........................
/....>  .............. = >  Our  Prayer List Index:
\...>  (Next)
This is our Website Directory and TOC .  A list of 
all of the major topics on this site.  Or choose:
/.... > (Next) II.  /HIStory/ of Public School Bible Study.
\...> (Last) XV. /Motto/   National Motto 'In God We Trust'- in schools.
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Web site path:

The next 2 methods i.e. IV. and V. are not recommended unless you know how and are willing to permanently set goodsearch.com cookies in your browser options. 
IV. The Search BOX:   (Explanation) After all of the programming and promotional effort expended below, we found that The Search Box promotion is rather involved and might not be worth your effort.  We found that after deleting all browser cookies ( a normal and frequent privacy activity), The Search Box search does not  reset the GoodSearch fund raiser cookies which results in all of your searches not counting towards Hisways fund raising!.  We are going to leave these notes here, but are not going to maintain it beyond this point.  This method is not recommended. 
IV. The Search BOX
  Familiar with Search Boxes that install automatically?  
  ADD to IEv7 Search BOX :spacerHISwaysGoodSearch . Click Here: IE v7.0+ SearchProvider
Search BOXes are not available in IE v4, 5 , 6!  ONLY version 7+
ADD to FF2 Search BOX :spacerHISwaysGoodSearch . Click Here: FireFox 2.0+ Search BOX
It should look similar to this when it's installed in The Search BOXspacer
If you clicked above and don't see it, try closing and reopening your browser.  [ REF: ]

[ How to Permit GoodSearch Cookie ]

( Windows Manual install with pictures.)

The Search BOX
Hisways Search Box
  For The Search BOX in Mozilla v1+, FireFox v1.- 1.5; Netscape v6; Click Here( Windows Manual install with pictures.)
  This is a picture of BOTH BkMk's in Mozilla 1.7 spacer
spacerThis is a picture of BOTH BkMk's in 
        FireFox 2.0 .  One in my personal ToolBar [image at left; click activated] and the other in The Search Box with Icon [image above].spacer
SearchBOX con't
star bullet gifFor the SearchBOX in Mozilla v1.+ and FireFox v1.+ browsers you have to download a zip file and extract it into your "searchplugins" sub directory. [This is easily reversible - see "E." below.]

     1.  Do a "Search" or "Find" for "searchplugins" on your computer like this spacer

  2.  Notice the file path(s) for your browser(s) should look something like:

     A.)  C:\Program Files\Mozilla FireFox\searchplugins
            which also =  C:\Progra~1\Mozill~1\searchplugins
     B.)  C:\Program Files\Mozilla.org\Mozilla\searchplugins
            which also =  C:\Progra~1\Mozill~1\Mozilla\searchplugins
     C.)  Netscape v6.0 might be as simple as this also.

searchplugins location
   Next, Click the "ZIP" link below and "Save to Disk" and Click "OK".  This will open a File Open dialog box where you can select the ../searchplugins directory(ies) that you want to Save it into..  Select the Path(s) exactly like the ones in Your "Search" above.

   Save to Disk... HiswaysGoodSearch.zip
   When it asks you to extract click OK and extract the 3 files to your .../searchplugins directories.

     D.)  This is easily reversible.  See next.

     E.)  Contents of ZIP file.  If you don't want it just "Search" your computer for "HiswaysGoodSearch" and then delete the files.. 
     F.)  You may have to close and reopen your browser to see the results.
     G.)  In Mozilla v1+ you must Click Toolbar "Edit" "Preferences", under "Category"  select "Navigator" "Internet Search" and select "HISwaysGoodSearch" as shown spacer
           To use just enter your Keywords in your browser location field [see pic spacer ] and click Search and the results will be returned in your browser window.
(V.) The last alternative is to download the GoodSearch ToolBar[ Feedback on 5/02/08 was disappointing.  The ToolBar failed to count all searches!]  This method is not recommended. 
Italic magenta edits by ed.
or/and neprimer.com.  If this is not appreciated or confusing just "reply" with "ccpcfl only" , "Hiswcª