The Parents' "State of Education" Message 2001.
My lips shall utter praise, For You teach me Your statutes.   My tongue shall
speak of Your word, For all Your commandments are righteousness. Psa 119:171, 172
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This series of articles is best understood as a serious, valid and passionate parental grievance, with substantial supporting evidence, directed primarily to our legislators and secondly to the church both of which share a partial responsibility or are perceived as having some authority over the education of our children.
An uncommon tragedy has struck the American family i.e. Baby Boomers and the generations following the Supreme Court decision in Everson v Board of Education, 1947 which invented "separation of church1. and state" and is still used to remove all Bible Study, prayer and Christian expression from all public schools (PS).   The ONLY time American schools have been OFFICIALLY without it since the Pilgrims, say 1620 AD - some 327 years!. (See our  /HIStory/ section for a critique.)   It is somewhat difficult to make a case for a solution to a problem when the problem is the identification of a void, a hole, or in this case a Collective Religious1.Ignorance (bias).   It is a lot easier to identify misinformation, an error or a lie; but it's more difficult when it is a void in our own experience or our own judgment.  ALL of the education experts who have the responsibility to know, who supposedly have the expertise to know, deny that the Collective Religious Ignorance exists or are prevented from incorporating America's predominant, default religion as a public school solution!
The Wrong Solution.
It's disgustingly difficult for parents and citizens to affect any positive change when the 'new' annual solution to the failed education problem is the same one promoted for the last 50 years!!  ' More money and smaller class size! '   Check out this graph.  -->>
 This graph doesn't say that SAT scores have increased above the funding rate per student. 
 It doesn't say that the SAT scores have kept pace with the funding rate per student. 
 It says that SAT scores have dropped 71% in spite of all the funding! 
 Is there a more significant, scientific correlation proving that Federal funding CAUSES lower SAT scores?

     For an enlargement, click on the graph.

2012 update:
SAT reading scores are the lowest in 40 years
2011 SAT Scores update.
' More money and smaller class size! ' is a dead cry.   Get over it.  Get a new solution.
For a treatise on this view see: The Grandfather Report; whose underlying theme is economics but also implies that parents and citizens have been shut out, no input, no control and no recourse.   The Grandfather's site [] ~mwhodges/education-a.htm[] [] POPUP  suggests that the organization of the teachers union in the 1960`s as the main cause of the failure of public education.   Consequently, we have provided some alternate teacher associations that have equal or superior benefits, with cheaper dues, but with a much higher regard for: our teachers, our children, and PS education with little or no emphasis on the control of it's members for political gain.  [Please see: [] VI.  What else /You Can Do/:[]   etc.  for more information and links.]

Let us get over this worthless idea of ' More money and smaller class size! ' and focus on a solution that can have some results.

HISways USA, Inc. believes that the lines of authority and the direct amount of time in the life of the child determines the level of the child's discipline.  For example this [] 1. Calculation of Primary Influencers [] shows that the child's major authority Influencers through 18 years of age are: Effective Parent Child Hours ("unstructured") = 84% of Total Child Hours and the  School Child Hours ("structured") = 16% of Total Child Hours.   However the PS curriculum is increasingly filled with [] 2. Anti Parent Dogma - The Federal Church Of The Public School. []  with its adult psychopathic beliefs!
Here's what we believe to be the proof and the truth for the decline of public education.
The Descending Dominoes of Destruction by Decadent Decades. .
    1940's Don't you dare know about God:  Everson vs Board of Education, 1947 (invented "separation") which removed all Christianity from schools contrary to the majority of the publics legislated consent, approval and purpose.
    1950's  Don't be pure, be sexual:   Publication of the fraudulent Kinsey sex studies.
    1960's  Don't you dare pray or read the Bible as religion in school.Engelv. Vitale, 82 S. Ct. 1261 (1962)  and Schempp, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) cases.   Subsequently, the Boomers followed up with: pornography, the sexual revolution, proliferation of drugs and increases in every other criminal activity.
    1970's  Killing the evidence of illicit sex.  Murder of unborn babies is legalized in Roe v Wade.
    1980's  More corrupt behaviors allowed INTO the public school and corporeal punishment removed.
    1990's  Children murdering children IN school.   [Columbine HS in Littelton, CO and others.]
Growing generations of psychopaths should never have happened; but, it's not over because every school is a potential Columbine because they're all under the same "judicial law".
To the reasonable man, all of these corruptions can be traced back to an activist judiciary.   We should be very concerned about their power grab, exercise of legislative powers and lack of accountability to the people.   All of the above Dominoes of Destruction in the public school can all be traced to judicial activism in the form of a single minority suit and not the legislated will of the people. "Viewpoint Discrimination" by the courts!   The Judges have violated their own standards!   This "Battle of the Judicial Bulge" is under the authority of Congress who has the responsibility to impeach insane and perjured judges.  Where are they?  Why don't they protect our Constitution?  Why don't they protect our children?

What if, in the cases of  Everson (1947), Engel, 82 S. Ct. 1261 (1962)  and Schempp, 374 U.S. 203 (1963), the complainants had been given opt-out vouchers instead of upsetting the whole nation's education system?   Would the SAT  Education  Index have declined 71% ?   Would we have calamity in our schools daily?   Would we have 1st graders shooting and killing their classmates?

As stated, these problems stem from the case of Collective Religious Ignorance inspired by the Supreme Court.  This link [] 3.  Political Solution []  is an example of what could be done legislatively and politically to return to the real American public education system.
The Result of Our Collective Religious Ignorance,
and Why Religion is The Solution.
The following "Points" refer to the corresponding numbers on the "Unmarried" line of the graph 2.  below.
Point 1.   Consistency:  From 1950 to 1962 ( 12%-15%)  notice the consistency of LOW unmarried teen pregnancies; and that 85% of teen pregnancy was in marriages.  It cannot be pointed out too often that the beginning of the moral collapse began with the Supreme Court case of Everson v. Board of Education, 1947 and subsequent Supreme Court decisions that removed all Christian Religion Classes 3. from all public schools.  This was the beginning that affected all of the Boomer and subsequent generations of public school children.
Point 2.   The 15 yr. Time-Delay of The Collective Religious Ignorance: (1962) you can see the effect of  Everson as the increase of births to unmarried teens begin to rise because the Baby Boomers are now approximately (1962-1947 =) 15 years old.   Or if they were 19 years old in '62 then their 1st Grade Class was in (1962 - (19-5) = 1948).  The first, 1st grade class immediately following Everson. The Baby Boomers are the first generation in the 20th century or perhaps in all American history without moral Christian classes provided by the public school system!   Now notice the steady, unwavering, alarming rise to 80% births to Unmarried Teenagers.   This steep rise shows the malice of decades of prostitution based sex education classes and legalized abortions and the malice of certain Supreme Court 4. decisions!  What ignorance.  What destruction.  What a failure.
Point 3.   Prostitution Education:  All of the current sex education curricula and the sexual orientation fad can be traced to Alfred Kinsey's fraudulent sex reports and books of the 1950's.    It didn't exist legally; nor, even as, fraudulent science before Kinsey.   Proof of his criminal activities can be found in the local library in Table 34 of his book where he documents the sexual abuse and molestation of 318 boys for his research!!!   Where are those children now?For an enlargement, click on the graph.
Abhorrent Boomer behavior untempered by the Word of God created a vacuum that sexologists, psychologists and bureaucrats can't solve and apparently would rather exploit after the manner of Kinsey.
Point 4.   Abortion:  Roe v Wade, 1973 permits the murder of the products of prostitution but doesn't address the cause.
Point 5.   Title X, Title I, etc.:  Unconstitutional Federal government education programs (public education is a state responsibility) started in the 1960's which have thrown massive amounts of money at the problems of education have NOT been effective; neither intellectually, socially or morally.   Not only hasn't funding been effective it's been counter productive!   Stop all federal funding of state education.
Point 6.   American Holocaust: Of the whole US population of men & women, since 1973, reckless prostitution accounts for 46+ million dead children.   The American Holocaust caused by our Collective Religious Ignorance.
This paper shows that when American public schools taught religion and discipline it produced greater SAT scores and greater personal and social successes of all kinds.   Parents and citizens must insist on the changes mentioned above.   They also need support and encouragement on ways to mitigate the effects of the government school culture on their children.   One of the goals of this web site is to encourage and help parents and citizens to know what is being done to remedy the Collective Religious Ignorance problem; who is doing it; and how they can participate for the benefit of our public school children.   Therefore consider assisting and promoting this cooperation among parents, citizens, schools and business personnel by contacting your federal senators and representative and state senators and state representative by writing, emailing or phoning to let them know of your opinion on this issue, ask for immediate relief or ask them for redress of grievances!

The scriptures tell us that if we, the people, will repent+, God will restore our nation (2 Chron. 7:14).   Some people say 'build better schools and we will get better kids'.  The Truth says 'build better kids and we will get better schools'.   This at first may appear almost impossible to achieve however a quick look at this [] 4. Checklist For Change []  will show a very high, 82%, potential for success.
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1.    The words: "church", "religion", and "denomination" are used interchangeably according to our Founding Fathers convention as expressed in the drafts of the 1st Amendment who understood that the only true religion and salvation is by faith in Christ alone. 
2.  The reference document of the datum for this graph is given at the top of it and here (PDF requires Acrobat Reader):   The red numbers have been added to facilitate the meaning of the various "Points".  Click on the graph  for an enlargement.
3.  High school level Bible Study Courses in the Old Testament and New Testament were offered in the Dallas [TX] Independent School District in the 1940's.  Reprints of the textbooks are available from [] []
4.  Various governments, agencies and schools are breaking this law with Supreme Court approval: [] 20 U.S.C. Sec. 3401(3) [] which states: "Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children, and states, localities, and private institutions have the primary  responsibility for supporting the parental role"; etc.

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XI. /About/  "The Parents'  "State of Education"  Message.
    1.  Calculation of Primary Influencers In PS Kids.
    2.  Anti Parent Dogma - 
                 The Federal Church Of The Public School. 
    3.  Political Solution To "Collective Religious Ignorance". 
    4.  Checklist For Change. (an 82% probability of positive results!)