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Summary re: Progress of Community Petition to Pinellas County School Board Regarding The Liberty Counsel's 'Model Policy On Religion'. 
The complete eMail Blog-PSCB-ToDate.htm and a  A Free To Use Sample Petition (htm) , (pdf) .
The Model Policy is "Free" online from Liberty Counsel. See http://www.lc.org/resources/sbpolicy.htm

 Summary of email correspondence mostly with ....
    re:  Jim Robinson Esq. <Robinson???@PSCB.org>  
Note:  About 60 days prior to the presentations Mrs. Davis and I circulated in person and by email the above petition properly filled out to represent our school district to various individuals, citizens, for profit companies and nonprofit organizations to gather signatures for the Model School Board Religion Policy presentation.  After receiving all of the petitions (originals only) a date was set to make the presentations.

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