4 Questions to Ask of Any Program or Policy _1.
Task 1.  4Questions to Ask of Public Funding of Private Citizens/Schools. 
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1. What will success look like? HAPPY PARENTS!  Success will be citizens who are members of one of USA's default Christian religion's denominations and parents permitted to receive a tax payer voucher to be used in their trinitarian denominations school or a nondenominational Christian school.  So that children, parents and families can experience and benefit all of the original liberties and traditions according to  the founders' design.
  • What are the measurable definitions of how the program will be called successful?  Success will be students that develop a Biblical world view after the style of our Founding Fathers in order to sustain the rights, liberties and freedoms of our founding documents.
  • Is success defined as increased performance?  Yes a return to Classical Christian Education will be cause for increased student academic performance. 
  • Is success defined as increased production rates or decreased vandalism?  Yes What measurable increase can be considered successful?  What percentage of increase or decrease is considered successful?  Ultimately, how is the performance increased by this change?  Return our cities and state to law and order and justice. 

2. Where has this program been implemented successfully?  Not where but when.  Prior to the Blaine Amendments most schools had a religion class or religious nature or objective.  Proof of this are the contents of the textbooks used at the time, i.e. The New England Primer and McGuffy's Readers.  Even as late as 1950's Dallas, TX public high schools had OT and NT Bible classes.   Get the names and telephone numbers of districts where the program has been a success. Call up the mayor's office in each district.  Explain that you are a citizen at another district exploring the pros and cons of the program.  Then, ask what they like and dislike about the program.  What would they do differently?  Has the program been scrapped somewhere else?

  • Why was it unsuccessful there? The program was never unsuccessful.  It was legislated, regulated and judged to be unlawful to the disappointment and disgust of parents. 

3. What are the success benchmarks set up by the district?  How does the district intend to tangibly measure the success or failure of the program over time? Success will be determined by standard state tests. 

  •  What will be the 6-month measure of success?  What will be considered success after having implemented the program for one-year?  Who will measure it?  How will they measure it?  When will they measure it? The ultimate measure after 1 or 2 K-12 graduating cycles would be a full return to the old SAT scores of the 1950's and 1960's and a marked change in their character.

4. If the program doesn't work well, at what point will it be deemed a failure and greatly modified or removed? Once the measure of success is established you'll want to know how long the district will push for success?  Most programs take some adjusting once implemented.  That's understandable.  But at what point will the district stop chasing after success if it is clear that the previously set measures of success are not being met?  One year?  Two years?  Five years?  Spiritual attrition through generations is a constant.  Continually maintaining spiritual standards from drifting is hard to plan or prevent.  History seems to indicate that once we have drifted far enough then the only thing to do is repent!

These four questions will help you and the community hold the district accountable.  They'll also help the district be more successful in establishing clear goals.  (emphasis added)

The original document has been edited to suit this exercise.  For the Original Document, unedited go to this link:  http://www.gtbe.org/news/index.php/1/32/97.html

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