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Blog:  Florida's Religious ​Expression In ​Public Schools law.
​           An ​email of questions and comments to FL Senator Jeff Brandies regarding ​...
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October 17, 2017

​The Honorable Jeff Brandes
​State Senator, District # 22 
​9800 4th Street North   Suite 200
​St. Petersburg, FL 33702
​(727) 563-2100

​RE:  ​Comprehensive Religion Policy needs Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the 2017-74 Religious Expression in Public ​Schools ​Law.

Dear Honorable Jeff Brandes:

        Just a short note about Florida's Religious Expression Policy and a very similar example of President Trump's new executive order protecting religious freedom throughout his administration in the link below.  Please note also the "two memoranda" highlighted in the link.  The "first" is a 25 page PDF that demonstrates the need to make Florida's policy comprehensive.  The "second" is a 2 page PDF for their implementation.  

        I would recommend a reading of both memoranda just to be familiar with the complexity of the subject.  Because of that complexity I do not see how Florida's teachers, administrators and school board personnel can be expected to follow Florida's Religious Expression policy without specific instruction (annually?) or without Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Trump ​ Instructs DOJ to Protect Religious Freedom - Liberty Counsel ​ Oct 6, 2017 | WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Trump administration ​ strongly protected the free exercise of religion today by ​ reversing Obama-era policies with new legal guidance issued to the ​ Department of Justice (DOJ) by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The ​ Attorney General issued two memoranda.  The first addressed to all ​ administrative agencies and executive departments, identifies 20 ​ key principles of religious liberty.  The guidance reminds agencies ​ of their obligations under federal law to protect religious ​ liberty, and summarizes twenty key principles of religious-liberty ​ protections ...  Attorney Sessions’ second ​memorandum, addressed to DOJ components and United States Attorney’s ​offices, directs the implementation of that guidance ... ​ (emphases added.)

        My previous emails referenced these applicable links where CEUs were made available in other states:
Gateways To Better Education home page and workshop links:
Web: www.gtbe.org/ , 
Contact: Jeff Day, Director of Operations http://www.gtbe.org/contact/
News release: page with Faith, Freedom & Public Schools workshop links, video of testimonies and seminar agenda:  www.gtbe.org/news/index.php/5/27.html
Sincerely yours,

Richard Klenk,
152 SW Monroe Circle N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
Chairman, Hisways USA, Inc.  <staff(a)Hisways.org>
727-521-6012 or Preferred: 727-526-4790

PS.  Please have your aid acknowledge receipt of this letter by email because without a receipt I may resend it.  Thanks.
    Received acknowledgment dd:  10/26/17.

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