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Sen. Baxley Email #2

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    Before you pass me off to someone else, I have some other questions and that would determine perhaps additional or companion legislation.  I am interested in a policy that will prevent or deter law suits that might go to the US Supreme court.  The list of questions below might indicate a necessity for future Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for teachers and administrators like  Gateways to Better Education Educator Workshops called: "Faith, Freedom & Public Schools" .  It is my opinion that if the teachers and administrators are educated in the legality of religious expression that it would eliminate a lot of frivolous law suits.  Gateways' documentation describes Texas has incentivized the seminar by awarding 7 CEUs for teachers or administrators taking the Workshop.
  1. Can the Policy be made strong against law suits?  Perhaps including some in-school adjudication for adherence to the model policy?
  2. How would the 2017-74 Religious Expression law apply to , Florida's online schools?

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On 8/8/2017 12:56 PM, A wrote:

Regardless of the involvement with the Bill of Rights, the Florida Department of Education will craft the model policy because the bill specifically required it to. The bill states that:

“The Department of Education shall develop a model policy regarding

a limited public forum and voluntary expression of religious viewpoints by

students and school personnel in public schools pursuant to this section. The

department shall publish the model policy on its website. Each district

school board shall adopt and implement the department’s model policy.”

The Florida Department of Education will be the agency working on this policy since they are specifically tasked with that role in the bill. Beyond that, the agency is given discretion on who works on it or what the process of crafting that looks like. I would imagine that many people in the department will work on this, both staff and attorney’s alike. I do not know if they intend to have public hearings on this as that is not specially required in the bill so that would fall under the departments discretion.


The policy is not yet available on the DOE website, so if it is not it is not yet published and unfortunately I do not know a specific timeline for when that will be made available.


If you have further questions for the Department regarding this law or how they will implement, you can email


I hope I was able to answer some of your questions.



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Sen. Baxley Email #1

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First of all I would like to thank Sen Baxley and all of the co-sponsors for this law.  I think it is several decades overdue and therefore highly welcomed and highly needed.

Because this law involves our 1st Amendment, Bill of Rights, how will the Dept of Ed carry out the process of developing a model policy?  Is it already done?  Who or what dept will be the lead?  Do staffers do it?  DOE attorneys?  Will there be a public hearing(s)?

Rick Klenk Hisways USA, Inc.
152 SW Monroe Circle N.
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Preferred phone:  727-526-4790  staff(a)

On 8/8/2017 12:06 PM,  A wrote:

I'd be happy to try to answer your questions or better direct you to who can if I am unable to.

Legislative Assistant
Senator Dennis Baxley, SD 12
(352) 789-6720
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I would like to know who I should contact regarding the 2017-74 Religious Expression Law; namely to ask a few "process" questions about how the DOE is or will develop the model policy.
I'm asking you because you are the author; but my District Senator is Jeff Brandes.


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