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     This Series: [ CalcPrim.htm ][ CalcPrim03.htm ][ CalcPrim04.htm ] is motivated by this quote: 
Charles F. Potter, an American humanist and Unitarian minister: "Education is a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour, once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" from "Humanism, America's New Religion", 1930
This page is information for the parents and the church.  This is a calculation to try to estimate the extent of various influential authorities in the public school (PS) child's behavior or performance.   HISways USA, Inc. believes that the major influencers in the life of the child is determined by the lines of authority based on time.   It is obvious that parents have the largest and longest influence in a child's life but what is the effect of the public school?   of the church?   Consider the time invested:
~ 2001 ~
Days / Year
Total Hrs.
Percentage, %
Total Child Hrs.
16 "awake"
School Child Hrs.
13  [K-12]
Church Child Hrs.
3 hrs/wk
52 wks/yr
13  [K-12]
b. "GRANDMA's" Ch..  .
2 hrs/wk
46 wks/yr
1196 = 1.1%
c. "TYPICAL" Ch....   ...
2 hrs/wk
46 wks/yr
644 = 0.6%
Parent Child Hrs.
 - 16,380 
 -  2,028 
Parent Child Hrs.
 Parent + Church
       84% 2. 
1. This is for "PERFECT" Attendance; "OTHER"Attendance's might be 0..3% of Total Child Hrs.!  (See "Once Through Bible Chart" for various "other attendance's".)
2. This calculation is unable to quantify the "structured" school indoctrination verses the "unstructured"  parental methods.
What is the effect of the Church's discipleship?   All things being equal, there isn't much effect when viewed from a Church Child Hrs. vs School Child Hrs. basis.  A ratio of only "1 Perfect Church hr." vs 8.  On a discipleship basis we cannot expect the church to hold the line, or even effectively counter, the PS's dogma!   Therefore, the Church Child Hours being such a small percentage will be added to the Net Parent Child Hours to get an Effective Parent Child percentage of 84%.   That leaves the child's two major official authority influencers and disciplers*. as:
1. The parent:  Effective Parent Child Hrs ("unstructured") = 84% ofTotal Child Hours.
2.  The school:    School  Child  Hours    ( " structured 2. " ) =  16% of Total Child Hours.
On the surface this looks like an easy win for parents; however, today's advice for PS parents is: 1.) to get actively involved with their child's school, i.e. involved with:  2.) teachers, 3.) homework and 4.) hands on textbook reviews and 5.) critique: syllabuses, curricula, events, speakers, etc. so that after all this 'involvement' parents have become "structured 2. " in order to counter the PS's dogma!
~ Footnotes ~
*. This word is intentionally used in this sense because our PS children are being disciplined to excel at rebellion and heathenism.
1. .'1. Calculation of Primary Influencers' (2001)Opens a new window for this page.  , of our PS children. (Precursor to this page.)
2.   The calculation is unable to quantify the "structured" indoctrination of the school verses the "unstructured"  methods typical of parental instruction.  Home schooling is structured instruction.
3. What others are saying about "The Engine of Atheism.Opens a new window for this page.  , An amazingly prophetic article from 1890 about public education in the USA!
4. Why a Christian School?  by Rev. Alan Day  (Vol. XIII, No. 4, April 2000)  , http://www.baptistbanner.org/Subarchive_3/400%20Why%20a%20Christian%20school.htm ,
** This page was reworked to determine whether the PS gained influence as high school graduation neared.  Astoundingly the answer is Yes!  Check it out: CalcPrim04.htm .
What is the PS's dogma?   See our review in the next page [#2] in this series.
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