(2nd) Re-calculation of Primary Influencers In HS Kids. 2003.
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     This Series: [ CalcPrim.htm ][ CalcPrim03.htm ][ CalcPrim04.htm ] is motivated by this quote: 
Charles F. Potter, an American humanist and Unitarian minister: "Education is a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour, once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" from "Humanism, America's New Religion", 1930

          The previous calculation: [] 1. Calculation of Primary Influencers (2001) []1. eliminated the church as a primary influencer and discipler 2., based on the amount of time the child is under its influence.  The previous calculation for public school children, ages 0-18, gave these results:
          1. The parent:  Effective Parent Child Hrs ("unstructured") = 84% ofTotal Child Hours.
          2.  The school:   School  Child  Hours    ( " structured " ) =  16% of Total Child Hours.
          However the parents' large advantage from birth to 1st grade is diminished by the time they reach high school where the student gains a share of self autonomy or self 'authority'.  So what are the 'authorities' of the student in high school prior to graduation based on the time invested?  This 2nd calculation gives the parents 4 hours of "face to face" time every day with their high school child.
2003 AD - High School (HS) Years
Days / Year
Total HS Hrs.
Percentage, %
      Total Awake Hrs. 16 "awake" 364 4 23,296 100%
          High School Hrs.  (9-4pm) 7 180 4   5,040    21.6%
          Student Hrs.
a. 5-10pm, study/sport/wk.
    b. Non School; self guided
    c.Church Hrs.; self guided
         Unstructured Parent Hrs.
(1 hr /week)
52 hr/yr
208 = 0.9%
5,824 = 25%
       25.9% 3. 
  • The Hrs./Day column is added upwards as either a school day (4+5+7=16) or a non school day (4+7+5=16 hrs.)
Because of the startling results of the next calculation in this series, which uses a more realistic "2 Hrs. face to face" time period for parent and child interaction per day, this analysis was shortened and attention is directed to the next in the series, i.e. "3rd" Calculation". Please click: Hisways.Org/about/CalcPrim04.htm.

~ Footnotes ~
1. .'1. Calculation of Primary Influencers' (2001)Opens a new window for this page.  , of our PS children. (Precursor to this page.)
2.   These words are intentionally used in this sense to emphasize the main sources of dogma and doctrine aimed at our minor PS children which isn't Christian doctrine.
3. This calculation is unable to quantify the "structured" indoctrination of the school verses the "unstructured"  methods typical of parental instruction.  Home school would be structured instruction.
4. What others are saying about "The Engine of Atheism.Opens a new window for this page.  , An amazingly prophetic article from 1890 about public education in the USA!
5. Why a Christian School?  by Rev. Alan Day  (Vol. XIII, No. 4, April 2000)  , http://www.baptistbanner.org/Subarchive_3/400%20Why%20a%20Christian%20school.htm ,
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