(3rd) Re-calculation of Primary Influencers In HS Kids. 2004.
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     This Series: [ CalcPrim.htm ][ CalcPrim03.htm ][ CalcPrim04.htm ] is motivated by this quote: 
Charles F. Potter, an American humanist and Unitarian minister: "Education is a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour, once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" from "Humanism, America's New Religion", 1930

          In this series of "Calculations", the "1st" 1. was a complete surprise about the serious lack of time that the church has to influence K-12 children even with perfect attendance!  This is cause for serious reflection.  The "2nd Re-calculation" (/about/CalcPrim03.htm) ("4 hours of face to face time") was a complete surprise over the increase of the high school's (HS) influence!  This "( 3rd ) Re-Calculation 2004" uses a still conservative but more realistic daily time frame of "2 hours of face to face" time between parents and the HS child.  The same "time frame table" is used as before with just an adjustment in the parent and HS hours.
          The following table is provided for comparing the changes of the Influencers in order to complete our evaluation of the government school system for the benefit of our parents, church and community.
2004 AD - High School (HS) Years  
Days / Year
Total Hrs.
Percentage, %
      Total Awake Hrs.
* 16 "awake"
          High School Hrs.  (9-4pm)
* 7
  5,040  Total HS Hrs.
          Student Hrs.
a. 5-10pm, study/sport/work
b. Non School; self guided
7 *
364 - 180 = 184

5152 - 208 = 4944
c. Church Hrs.; self guided
          Unstructured Parent Hrs.
(1 hr /week)  
52 hr/yr  
208 = 0.9%  
2,912 = 12.5%
       13.4% 2.  
 * These hours are identical with the Categories in previous calculation tables.
 • The Hrs./Day column is added upwards; as either a school day (2+7a+7HS =16 hrs.), or a non school day (2+7a+7b=16 hrs.)
          Suppose a student acknowledged his spiritual nature and went to church once a week during HS (item 'c' above), what would be the church influence on a time basis?  Once a week for 52 weeks over 4 years yields 208 hours which is only 0.9% of the Total Awake Hrs. in HS, hence of little consequence on a time basis comparison.  Once again the church is underwelming in its influence based on time!  This isn't criticism; contrariwise, it is hoped that the church, in light of this information, will be able to help its own parents and children to be extra intentional in its discipleship.  This small church contribution (0.9%) was added to the Parent Hours which yields the child's two major authority influencers and disciplers as: 13.4% Parent Hrs. and 21.6% HS Hrs. with the balance of the time being Student Hrs. (64.9%).
          The table below is added to better compare the various stages of the experiences of the child, parent and school.  The "1st."column shows the K-12 recapitulation of the first calculation in 2001.  The "2nd."column (K-8) was added to break out the "lines of authority" based on time from the K-12 so that the dynamics of the Influencers could be shown as a function of matriculation.  The K-8 number is the parental influence on their child through the end of the 8th grade assuming the child does not exercise very much "self-authority" in the 9 - 13 years.  The "3rd."column summarizes the above table to show just the 4 HS years influence of school and parent.
2004 ; Comparisons of the 'Time Based' Influencer Calculations. 2. 
Category / Calculations
 % (2-3)
      Total Awake Hrs. 
13 yrs.
105,120 Hrs.
9 yrs.
81,536 Hrs.
2 hr/d, 4 yrs
23,296 Hrs.
 Analysis of
2nd &3rd.
increase or
Influencers by Time:
          School Hrs. 
21.6 / 13.9 =
+ 155%
+ 155%
          Student Hrs.
Effective Parent Child Hrs.
13.4 / 86.1 =
- 84.4%
The Parents' Influence
525% a.
 619%. b.
 -50% c.
          a., b., c., The Parents' Influence is found by dividing Effective Parent Child Hrs. by School Hrs. 
         Looking at the Influencers column with the two original "lines of authority" (School & Parent) in mind, notice the dramatic reduction of the influence of Effective Parent Child Hrs. from 86.1% in K-8 to 13.4%, even with the generous "2 Hrs. of face to face" time!  And who would have thought that the public high school would have increased 155% from 16% to 21.6% without an increase in HS hours!  How can the parents' influence stay competitive with the public HS?
          A brief explanation of the results of the The Parents' Influence , on the bottom row, in the columns "1st."& "2nd.", show a large overall parental influence over their child through graduation.  But these large numbers only underscore THE COMMON MISCONCEPTION that the parents are the majority influencers based on a "time analysis" over their children; when in fact, the 5 years of preschool and 12 summers, although important for both parent and child, skews the Calculation results in favor of the parents; disarming the parents, the church and the community.  The "3rd."column shows a, equally surprising, decrease in The Parents' Influence.  This percentage of the school's influence to the parents' influence was rounded down to accentuate this COMMON MISCONCEPTION; and, allow all parents to quickly grasp their loss of influence especially when you consider the HS's accelerated "structural curriculum indoctrination" (study) methodology combined with the fact that the curriculum is very liberal and very secular 3.  for which the parents have little or no defense.  The reality might actually be more shocking when you consider that parents do not teach or influence by "curriculum indoctrination" (study) at home.  Just when the issues of life become more available to the child, and more important to the child, the parents' influence decreases and the HS influence increases.  When the parent is expecting the teenager to act more like an adult; when neighbors and citizens expect the teenager to act like a responsible member of society; when the church expects the teenager to exhibit more spiritual maturity, spiritual responsibility and self discipline, we find that a large majority of teenagers, and past graduates, are under performing to these expectations.  We find that it has become socially acceptable for young people of the default religion of the USA to not act Christian!  ( In the first 2 years after public HS graduation up to 88%  of Baptists drop out of church & many never return! 4.) The reason that this is accepted is 3 fold:
          Parents must have an alternative to the 'Collective Religious Ignorance' because putting our kids under the influence of a government agency which promotes the Secularist Religion, as established by multiple Supreme Court decisions is equivalent to permitting them to be proselytized into that religion!  Proselytized into the Secularist's rebellious doctrine; into their anti Christian, anti church, anti God and anti country thoughts & behaviors i.e. anti American activities.
          This article should be sufficient proof for the reader to see that your own PS education has indoctrinated you with significant amounts of the Secularists doctrine - as well as your PS kids.  But the good news solution for your children or grandchildren is an all volunteer, non denominational Christian based charter school or home school.
          But is this goal achievable?  In the original "Parents' State Of Education Message  AD 2001" there are two articles which demonstrate effective action, which are referenced here for your convenience:

~ Footnotes ~
1. .'1. Calculation of Primary Influencers' (2001)Opens a new window for this page.  , of our PS children. (Precursor to this page.)
2.   The calculation is unable to quantify the "structured" indoctrination of the school verses the "unstructured"  methods typical of parental instruction.  Home schooling is structured instruction.
3. What others are saying about "The Engine of Atheism.Opens a new window for this page.  , An amazingly prophetic article from 1890 about public education in the USA!
4. Why a Christian School?  by Rev. Alan Day  (Vol. XIII, No. 4, April 2000)  , http://www.baptistbanner.org/Subarchive_3/400%20Why%20a%20Christian%20school.htm ,

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