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THE  CHANGE:  Returning the Bible and Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment.2.
Below are the questions you should review before attempting changes within an organization.  When the questions can be answered with a yes, change tends to be easier.  Questions that can only be answered with no (or maybe) usually indicate that change will be difficult.
Y   N
Yes1.  Will this change benefit the followers?      ( Children, Parents & school personnel.)
yes2.  Is this change compatible with the purpose of the organization?
(Education IS the public school purpose.  Wisdom principles are not threats to education or government. )
yes3.  Is this change specific and clear?  (Return to proven American education curricula.)
No4.  Are the top 20 percent (the influencers) in favor of this change?
( Begin your influence by returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to your public school with some of these goals and/or write your government reps. (major influencers) for the complete legal solution.)
yes5.  Is it possible to test this change before making a total commitment to it?
( It's been tested.  The American education system did it successfully for several centuries.)
yes6.  Are physical, financial, and human resources available to make this change?
( It's only an additional couple of  changes to classes, reading curricula and /or prayer.)
yes7.  Is this change reversible?
( It has already been a terrible, destructive 50 year experiment.)
yes8.  Is this change the next obvious step?
( There is no other solution for returning to the parents' original American Dream for the children.)
yes9.  Does this change have both short- and long- range benefits?
(Duh!  But Long Term could be 19 years away -  new born through graduation.)
no 10.  Is the leadership capable of bringing about this change?
( The influencers need convincing information that it will benefit their own children.  Give it to them.)
yes11.  Is the timing right?(It's never too late to do the right thing.)

People change when they hurt enough they have to change (massive social distress), learn enough they want to change (teach the influencers); receive enough ( freedom & permission)they are able to change.  The leader must recognize when people are in one of these three stages.   In fact, top leaders create an atmosphere that causes one of these three things to occur.
(Two out of three (67%) in the above paragraph and 9 of 11(82%) in the checklist ought to make this a 'done deal'!)
1.  John C. Maxwell, Developing The Leader Within You,  (Nashville, Thomas Nelson Publishers, c1993) pgs. 62-63.
2.  Some liberties were taken to format the quotation to html.   Check marks & all small, green italics were added.
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