Brick Wall of Separationseparation of Bible and state tyranny THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH
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The original intent of the "separation of church and state" metaphor as used by Thomas Jefferson was understood to mean:
  • That state-tyranny is walled off from my Trinitarian Christian beliefs, i.e. The USA's default religion;
  • That state-tyranny is walled off from my Trinitarian thoughts and speech;
  • That state-tyranny is walled off from my Trinitarian purposes and deeds;
  • That state-tyranny is walled off from my Trinitarian paths as a student, parent, teacher, soldier, citizen, preacher or any other employments;
  • And that Jefferson's metaphor includes the 1st Amendment principle: 'nor prohibit the free exercise thereof'; so
  • That, before my foot strikes a path, the 'Separation' Wall is immediately erected parallel to my path on one side; and
  • That, immediately the other parallel wall of "free expression thereof" is erected on the other side of my path; so 
  • That, state-tyranny is COMPLETELY WALLED OFF from my TRINITARIAN  CHRISTIAN  LIFE on or off state property! 
  • Therefore, original intent requires the DUAL, EQUAL and PARALLEL WALLS of separation of church and state.
  • Because it is "We, The People" not "we the employed or the labeled."  - rek
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This text is used in Part 1 of 3 Parts regarding: ChurchStateTyranny/ and is also designed for free use as a slide presentation.
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  3. When this web page was first published in 2008 there was little knowledge or effort about the new wave of resistance to the central governments abuses.  Now there is a very new and legal interest in the 10th Amendment and the rights of the states.  That exercise of rights has a name; it is nullification.  It can be researched here: .  The 10th Amendment required for ratification of The Constitution is pure genius.

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