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"they would not walk in his ways, neither were they obedient unto his law."   Isa 42:24b 
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XVII. Blogs: 1st Amend.   Links to Faith, Freedom & Public Schools 2015-2016 projects:  /Blog_FFPS_Educator Workshop/  , /Blog_FFPS_Educator CEUs
  1. Pinellas County, FL School Board,   (a.k.a. /Blog_FFPS_Educator Workshop/ )   [This was our first effort to get Faith, Freedom & Public Schools (FFPS) Workshops into our local schools.  A Blog was started but now discontinued because it's focus has been redirected to FL state authorities in # 3. below.]
  2. CEUs for Teachers and Administrators,  (a.k.a.  /Blog_FFPS_Educator CEUs )   [This was our second effort to get CEUs for the FFPS Workshops.  A Blog was started for following the development at the state level.  The FFPS Workshops information and CEUs became more relevant and more necessary as a result of the FL legislature passing the Freedom Law in  # 3. below, which became effective on July 1, 2017.  This activity and Blog has been refocused with renewed interest in #-3 below. ]
  3. New FL's Religious Freedom in Public Schools Law.  As a result of this new law The Faith & Freedom in Public Schools Workshop initiative is highly valued and now more important for the FL school personnel; and, so is the potential for awarding FL CEUs for the Workshop or CEUs for its equivalent.
Related link:  /Church vs State Tyranny/
Introduction to: "The Parents' State of Education Messages: 2001 To Date."

       This group of annual "Messages" (To see the list click: Off TOC  above (i.e. turn "Off" frames; and go to Table Of Contents) .) are best understood as a series of serious, valid and passionate parental grievances, with substantial supporting evidence combined with unique solutions.  These "Messages" on government education are directed, primarily, to our legislators and, secondly, to the church both of which share some responsibility or are perceived as knowledgeable institutions that exist to help parents direct their children to the best education available.  However, after decades of reforms, they can also be perceived as erecting impediments against, or, acquiescing to, substantial obstacles preventing parental direction and control of the education of our public school children especially in larger districts where political bias dominates and controls the school board agenda.  It should be noted that these 
obstacles affect their own future constituent's civic responsibilities and/or their member's religious involvement!  These "Messages"  are also directed to concerned parents who have the desire to know what the challenges are to the education of their children.  Some Parents would like to know that Spiritual ministries are available: III.  /USA/ ; and that other options are available like: VI.  What else You CAN DO /.   In order to reiterate one parent's passionate desire for immediate parental control and direction, it is necessary to quote one of the drafts for The Motto of Hisways USA, Inc. which is: Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children up to the maximum extent of the law!
       The broadening of the goals of Hisways USA, Inc. and the development of the principles herein were derived from a progressive analysis of the obstacles to parental control and direction.  To follow our progressive learning curve for improving parental control, it is best achieved by reviewing the articles in chronological order from the first, 2001, to the most current; because, confronting the obstacles and impediments to our basic goals produced the path to the new and improved solution(s).  Each "Message" may have a number of supporting documents that substantiate or validate a particular point of the main message.  On the other hand to view the current: 'That's impossible!' message then just select the latest one.
       The "On" and "Off" buttons above use FRames to facilitate your perusal of this information.  If you get lost there is a link at the bottom of each page to direct you back to our main "Web Directory and TOC" which will allow you to find your way back to this:  = XI. /About/  PSOE Message sub-directory page of Hisways.org.

Note:  As a result of promoting and developing the goals listed on our home page , HISWAYS USA, Inc. has found it necessary to document these 'proof' articles and analyzes from the viewpoint of a parent, citizen and taxpayer.  Click here to turn on 'FR'AMES.

NewXVII. Blogs: 1st Amend.   Links to Faith, Freedom & Public Schools 2015-2016 projects:  /Blog_FFPS_Educator Workshop/  , /Blog_FFPS_Educator CEUs
  1. Pinellas County, FL School Board,   (a.k.a. /Blog_FFPS_Educator Workshop/ )   [Stopped, see # 3.]
  2. CEUs for Teachers and Administrators,  (a.k.a.  /Blog_FFPS_Educator CEUs )   [Stopped, see # 3.]
  3. FL's Religious Freedom in Public Schools Law.
Related link:  /Church vs State Tyranny/
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