3.   Political Solution To "Collective Religious Ignorance".

HISWAYS® USA, Inc.        Since we have tried it every wrong way; why not go back to His way?

The items below are not the goals of this ministry; however we would be remiss if we did not list them.   They should be taken up by other organizations better equipped to handle them.   Perhaps God's hand of justice upon the American government has been stayed until he sees how our generation deals with this new judicial challenge to the Balance of Powers that has resulted in the proliferation of evil.
One of the problems of monopolistic government agencies is that once it takes a course of action, it is hard to make changes until we get to the point of seeking solutions via 'government by outrage'.   Therefore drastic measures are required to set the dominoes back up, so consider: (in order of preference and importance.)
One of the goals of this web site is to encourage and help citizens know what is being done to remedy the problem; who is doing it; and how they can participate for mutual civic benefit.   Therefore consider assisting and promoting this cooperation among parents, schools and citizens by supporting our goals of  "Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our First Amendment Rights."  Or you might contact your federal senators and representative and state senators and representative by writing, emailing or phoning to let them know of your opinion on this issue or to ask for their opinion! 

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