Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment rights. 

If you have tried it every other way; why not try it His way? 

XII.  /Affiliate/  Nonprofit Organization Information. Duplicating / Starting Chapter(s).
Our children grow up so fast that we would like to work with individuals and with established organizations that are able to do something now for our Public School (PS) children.  Parents and citizens can make a really significant impact in their Public Schools (PS) in the next couple of months.  In order to facilitate participation with us, please consider:
1.  Working on specific programs based on PS grade level and resources in your area.  One of the benefits of Hisways USA, Inc. is the cooperation of many hands that make light work.  The probability is excellent for promoting and organizing and developing chapters for achieving these goals for the PS children, parents and citizens of the USA.
2.  Select a simple program(s) from one of the lists in: III. What are the available Public School Programs in the /USA/.   By selecting and implementing a program now you will be generating some parental interest that could lead toward a significant improvement in school spirit, safety and general education. 

We would like to encourage parents, grandparents and citizens to contact us by email [below], phone or letter for more information.
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