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Nullify The Supreme Court's Tyranny of The Establishment Clause.

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Relgious Issues facing Floridians and some background: 


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                                                    III.     Nullification: Steps (3-4) 
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                                                        1.        MODEL LEGISLATION RESOURCES 

                                                    Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation, on various issues, 
                                                    available here: 
                                                    http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/legislation/  The following are Tenth Amendment Center model bills and resolutions which are intended to reaffirm the proper role of government under the Constitution.

                                                    Downloadable, Printable Brochure on nullification, available here: 
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                                                    Documentary Film, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, available: 
                                                    http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/movie/  Jefferson

                                                    Book, Our Last Hope, available: 

                                                    Book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny, available: 


    The Item Nullify Establishment Tyranny:  a.k.a. Establishment of Religion Clause Preservation Act box below is the current template for nullification of SCOTUS` tyranny on establishment of religion.  
    The first time that
The Item  Nullify Establishment Tyranny:  box  was published it was in our eNewsLetter (SignUp) of 2014-01-eNL.ReligiousFreedomSchools.html ; and, is the original Florida template for nullification of SCOTUS` establishment tyranny.  However, an attempt will be made to set up a general template on the tenthamendmentcenter.com (link) who hosts a lot of the states` reclamation of liberties and principles that have been confiscated and abused by the feds.   

I.   Nullify Establishment Tyranny:   a.k.a. Establishment of Religion Clause Preservation Act.

I don't know how detailed this should be but perhaps just a simple law defining "establishment" in the great state is all that is needed.  However this div is similar to Jefferson's non establishment bill.

Preamble for The First Amendment Preservation Act (Part 1):
Section I.
The "separation of church and state" clause is not in the founding documents of __(STATE)__ nor federal and is therefore unenforceable, null and void.

Under the 1st and 10th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and The __(STATE)__ Constitution Article (?). SECTION (§ ?). "Religious freedom"  , the clause "establishment of religion", whether state or federal, shall be interpreted to mean a law that specifically identifies a named, legally incorporated and state registered religious sect or denomination that (receives a majority of it's support directly from the government) is directly government supported.  Unless a specific law can be cited where a religious corporation specifically meets these criteria, there is no legal standing for establishment.
Section I.
Under the 1st and 10th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and __STATE__ (Florida Constitution Article 1. SECTION 3."Religious freedom" ), the clause "establishment of religion", whether state or federal, shall be interpreted to mean a law that specifically identifies a certain named, legally incorporated and state registered religious sect or denomination that is identified and "directly established" by the state legislature as the state's religion and where the staff and employees are "directly supported" i.e employed by and on the payroll of the state.  Unless a specific duly enacted law of establishment can be cited there is no standing for establishment. (from 2015-01-eNL.ReligiousFreedomSchools.html )

Section II.
A government's public acknowledgment of religion or "indirect support" shall not include nor be limited to: public: schools, buildings, roads, curbs, sidewalks, water, sewer, gas, telephone or electric utilities, police and fire rescue services, political representation of the voting community; nor does it apply to indirect support of general, free expressions of religion by government officials or employees, religious groups, sects or denominations or other cultural traditions or incidental public acknowledgment of religious: speech, prayer, worship, music, literature, holidays, decorations, monuments, symbols, events or rituals of non established religious individuals, sects, denominations or ad hoc groups thereof, nor miscellaneous funding or grants for performing acts of charity, ministry, or education.

Any civil agency or governmental locale that changes, modifies, or terminates (any free speech of or about) any traditional religious: holidays, decorations, monuments, displays, symbols, events or rituals shall call for a decision by referendum of the citizens of that civil agency or that governmental locale.

Section III.
A government's commercial business contracts for business or ministry services with, for or by non-established religions, sects, denominations, groups or individuals involving commercial business activities shall not lack the rights of: self government, free conscience, free assembly and free association.
Section IV.  
We declare, that the rights herein are of the natural rights of mankind, and that if any court decisions shall find an establishment of religion that violates this act or if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operation, such actions will be an infringement of natural right; the authors of such shall be subject to immediate investigation by a Special Grand Jury of The People and be subject to the following penalties: (ref.)
  1. Any agent or employee of this state, or of any political subdivision of this state who knowingly violates the prohibitions of this act shall be deemed to have resigned any commission from the State of __(STATE)__ which he or she may possess, his or her office shall be deemed vacant, and he or she shall be forever thereafter ineligible to any office of trust, honor or emolument under the laws of this State.
  2. A political subdivision of this state may not receive state grant funds if the political subdivision adopts a rule, order, ordinance, or policy under which the political subdivision violates this Act.  State grant funds for the political subdivision shall be denied for the fiscal year following the year in which a final determination in an action brought under this section is made that the political subdivision has intentionally required actions which violate the prohibitions in this Act.   
  3. Any corporation or person that provides services to or on behalf of this state and violates the prohibitions of this act shall be forever ineligible to act on behalf of, or provide services to, this state or any political subdivision of this state. (ref.)   .
Section V.  
This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor and shall be retroactive on all __(STATE)__ districts and localities, and federal and state case law.

This is a non copyrighted template designed to nullify one of SCOTUS' many power grabs and religious biases in case law.  Send this to your state representatives and suggest to them that this is overdue and ask them if they will act on it. For more on this subject and continuous updates see: NullifyEstablishmentTyranny.html and http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/  .  To prove SCOTUS` over reach on establishment see this online slide show:  Hisways.org/about/ChurchStateTyranny/SCOTUS-FAIL2.html  

Be it enacted : (ref.)

1. That the Code of __(STATE)__ is amended by adding a section numbered 1- - - - - -?? as follows:

§ 1- - - - - -??. Unconstitutional acts and ultra vires (Latin meaning "beyond powers") enforcement by localities; remedies.

This link has the Tenth Amendment Center model bills and resolutions which are intended to reaffirm the proper role of government under the Constitution.

4th Amendment Protection Act (PDF)  SHORT
The first-step in a multi-step strategy to push back against – and thwart – NSA mass-surveillance programs.

DRAFTING NOTE ­ change all text in (CAPS AND PARENTHESIS) to be specific to your state
Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of (STATE): 
This act shall be known and may be cited as the "(STATE) 4th Amendment Protection Act." 
General Nullification History links:


Relgious Issues facing Floridians and some background: 

  1. Florida's Relgious Freedom Law of 2011 became a ballot initiative called Florida's Relgious Freedom Amendment of 2012 but it failed because it did not get the required 60% i.e. super majority of the votes.  Passage of this amendment would have fixed the bigoted Blaine Amendment from 1879 which Hisways critiqued in 2006.
  2. This short article of 2004 Judicial Activism summarizes the SCOTUS problem which draws our interest in and demand for  Nullification of SCOTUS` biases and unconstitutional "penumbras" etc. (see 10th Amendment Center, nullification)   What is  nice about nullification is that you can wisely reflect on SCOTUS' excesses of their lawful limitations so corrective action is available.  The States and The People are not required to obey an unlawful order nor to slavishly obey it in a robotic state of blind volunteerism.  Penumbras and the like are not valid.
[America is morally compromised.   We are not going to get America back until we get our culture back.  We are not going to get our culture back until we get our public schools back.  We will not get our schools back until we get the Bible back in the curriculum.  We will not get the Bible back until we rewrite  i.e. nullify the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions that have enslaved the People, enslaved the States and abused the Constitution.  Let us make it our prayer that our religion be set free.] ( Taken from Slide 4 of Hisways.org/about/ChurchStateTyranny/SCOTUS-FAIL2.html )  .........
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