4. 'Fears of the Rich and Famous', Their
'Over Population Lie' & Pro-Death Platform!

        There are a lot of people who do not know where the Over Population Myth came from.   If you look at Allan C. Carlson's article The Bipartisan Blunder of Title X. see []  Carlson speech [] , it shows that since the founding of The Population Council in 1959; that the Council has been actively, involved, promoters, both socially and politically, of various immoral activities like: free sex, sex education, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, etc..   Their fears of over population could have led them toward discipline or morality hence toward chastity or abstinence; but it didn't.   They don't have the faith or the character for it.   Contrast the character of the members of the Population Council who are willing to sacrifice the weak, the ignorant and the unborn; with the character of America's rich and famous Founding Fathers who were willing 'to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.'   The Population Council's fears really do not motivate reasonable people since their policies actually produce mayhem, murder and suicide which fraudulently exploit their own countrymen and their own children and grandchildren!
        As an example of how ridiculous their fears are; here is a little calculation with documentation.   The average population density of the world is 114 people/sq. mile.[] a []. (Antarctica is not included & could be viewed as a fresh water reserve.)
The 'fears of the rich & famous' seems appropriate to describe the irrational motivation of those who would promote such horrendous policies of death, especially since the mayhem crosses all human distinctions!  The Population Council's perverse utopia has become a holocaust of disease and death.   Hopefully this truth can be used to protect our children, our schools, our nation and the freedom to live.   This is also why members of the organizations itemized in the previous article [#3. - link below] should contact their representatives and should object to those policies that are driven by irrational fears.   Ask them for an explanation and ask them to repent.

 The following articles uncover the agenda of groups and corporations that seek to harm our public school children!  (For more about this see: '2.  DECEIT of Sexual Orientation...' (sucide) link below.)

American Family Association Journal [] http://web.archive.org/web/20061205051700/http://afajournal.org/archives/24030000304.asp [] March 2000; Volume 24 Issue 3 
"AT&T targets middle schools with pro-homosexual message" .

American Family Association 
 "Homosexuality and Child Molestation: the Link, the Likelihood, the Lasting Effects"  
(reprinted at:) [] http://web.archive.org/web/20090209042027/http://www.afajournal.org/archives/23060000011.asp[]
Some homosexuals want the next generation... in mind and body.   Ed Vitagliano
"Furthermore, research also shows a strong link between the sexual abuse of a child and that child's later pedophilia as an adult.  At the Connecticut Correctional Institution, for example, clinical psychologist A. Nicholas Groth, director of the sex offender program, said 85 percentof the pedophiles were themselves sexually assaulted as youths."

This article is highly recommended reading for revealing the focused, aggressive attack on our children.

 American Family Association Journal  August 2000; Volume 24 Issue 07        HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA [] http://web.archive.org/web/20100115181904/http://www.afajournal.org/cover/homosexual_agenda_1.asp  [] 
"Governors asked to investigate 'gay' agenda in public schools".

"Research findings overwhelmingly indicate that homosexuals are not born but bred..." Peter Wyden, Growing Up Straight (New York: Stein & Day, 1968) !

            "The homosexual rights movement becomes more aggressive each day. . . . A nationwide campaign is now under way, already endorsed by the National Education Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, to place gay and lesbian counselors in every public school in America to help children decide and deal with their 'sexual identity'."      Gary Bauer, former President FRC, Newsletter December 1989, p. 1.
            We should read 'counselors' above as recruiters!
IV.          The NEA document, titled 'Sexual Orientation & Youth, A Primer for
 Principals, Educators & School Personnel', under scrutiny in '2.  DECEIT of Sexual Orientation...' (link below) attempts to justify special rights for those that would like to recruit public school children into behaviors with odds similar to [] suicide [] .   We reject the implication that these behaviors are normal and reject the theme that they should be protected and promoted.
The previous page in the series explains: 3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?

 2. THE DECEIT of 'Sexual Orientation & Youth, A Primer for Principals, Educators & School Personnel'
 3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?
 4. "Fears of the Rich and Famous", Their Over Population Lie & Pro-Death Platform!

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