3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?
This is a short page that will encourage you to do something worth while for the good causes that you have been supporting for a long time.  And because doing nothing means that you condone and perpetuate all of the policies of your organization.
This 3rd page, in the series of 4, explains: What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?  And asks and suggests.:

The list of organizations promoting and glorifying very bad behavior with very high risks are re-listed below.
American Association of School
Administrators  (AASA) , 
American Federation of Teachers  (AFT) 
National Education Association  (NEA). 
Interfaith Alliance Foundation   (NCC is a member.)
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ,
American Counseling Association (ACA) , 
American Psychological Association (APA) ,
American School Health Association (ASHA) 
National Assoc. of School Psychologists (NASP)
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) ,
       If you are a member of a organization, you should do something about it.  .. Why?  Because these groups are:
1.)  A reflection of you and of your career choice or associational choice.  And
2.)  If you don't do the right thing now your descendants will suffer even more with the same burden only worse, more pervasive and harder to correct.
3.)  It's your dues that are being spent to organize, promote and produce ideologies designed to debase and dumb down your own children &/or descendants.   And
4.)  If you are a member of a highlighted organization you should be outraged all the more because you are helping to promote suicide, sodomy and pedophilia of your own children or descendants!   How else are you going to protect your descendants from this national, pervading, decadent influence produced by your support of your organization?
If it's not your place (the member's place) to make it right; who's is it?

Other critiques of the NEA and other follow up links.

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        A sad picture comes to mind that shows some men (homosexuals) out in the ocean near some sharks in a feeding frenzy (HIV/AIDS) with so called 'friends' in boats of organizations rooting them on.   It is hard to extend compassion to them when they react with violent protestations, death threats and rejection of the common sense message to quit.   It seems odd that they would want to be out there; that they would deny the dangers to their life.   It seems odd that they would reject the lifeboat of accountability of nature, and reject the lifeboats of self control, abstinence and chastity, and even reject the lifeboat of the usual medical practice of quarantine for the infected, contagious ill people.
        It is odd that the non profit homosexual organizations; who are supposed to operate in the interests of the general public and who are first hand witnesses to the feeding frenzy, tell their victimized 'friends' that they are safe and that they are OK!   Why do the victims believe them?   It is fraudulent for those organizations on the edge of the feeding frenzy to advertise, entice and tempt our children who are on the shore of abstinence with It's Elementary and the new That's a Family video productions.   What's Elementary?  The feeding frenzy of death?   What's the Family?  The family of disease?   We, reasonable citizens and parents, reject this non sense and the funding they rowed out in.
Write your letters to those organizations and representatives
that are supporting and promoting this lie.
Ask them to repent and support self discipline, chastity and abstinence
for themselves, their family and friends.

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 3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?
 4. "Fears of the Rich and Famous", Their Over Population Lie & Pro-Death Platform!
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