2.  The DECEIT of 'Sexual Orientation & Youth,
A Primer for Principals, Educators & School Personnel'.
This is the 2nd article in a series of 4 articles on this subject. [ See the 1st article.]
  • The document entitled 'Sexual Orientation & Youth..." is victimizing minors for crime i.e. recruitment of children into sodomy,  pedophilia and suicide.
  • How can the odds be suicidal?     Reason asks the question: ' In the light of these odds why don't homosexuals insist on abstinence? ' !
  • Resources for the homosexual in areas of council, support and healing.
  • Articles uncovering the agenda of groups and corporations that seek to harm our public school children!
"I would see all of these people – the CEO of this company, the president of this organization, the crown prince of this country, the queen of this nation – frequently dying of some horrible disease, and every single one of them would have gladly given every penny and every title for a clean bill of health. And you begin to realize how critically important your health is. It is the most valuable thing that you have. Everything else pales into insignificance compared to your health."   Dr. Ben Carson’s Remarks at the 2013 Values Voter Summit
  1.  The first item demonstrates the typical practice of recruitment into sodomy.

 They (sodomized children) didn't view themselves as victims. ... they couldn't see how they were manipulated... Some of them, gosh, I hate to say this stuff.  I don't think socio-economic class determines whether or not a child is going to become a victim.        -Beth Toben, McLennan County (TX) Assistant Prosecutor  (speaking about children caught up in a video pornography ring ( PEDOPHILE PORNOGRAPHY RING SHOWING SODOMY OF YOUNG BOYS).). Justice From the Ashes, Citizen Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 3  March 2000, pg. 25.
~ ~ ~ ~
' They (sodomized children) were not abused because they were bad kids. ... They were abused because they were manipulated, taken advantage of. ... - what did they have in common?   They needed .... Attention, Affection. Love.'   'We're on the second generation now.'   ' Perhaps the third.'     -Beth Toben, McLennan County (TX) Assistant Prosecutor,     Ibid. pg. 27.
~ ~ ~ ~
"Furthermore, research also shows a strong link between the sexual abuse of a child and that child's later pedophilia as an adult.  At the Connecticut Correctional Institution, for example, clinical psychologist A. Nicholas Groth, director of the sex offender program, said 85 percentof the pedophiles were themselves  sexually assaulted as youths." Click to Link   U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics NCJNumber: NCJ 158625  Title: Child Victimizers: Violent Offenders and Their Victims: Executive Summary  http://www.ncjrs.gov/App/Publications/abstract.aspx?ID=158625  ;"Seven in 10 offenders with child victims reported that they were imprisoned for a rape or sexual assault. Two- thirds of all prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault had committed their crime against a child."  [70% of the children are recruited, seduced, victimized, abused!]  
        It should be intuitively clear that abused children become child abusers and that these crimes are self perpetuating and that these adults are in the recruiting business.   These recruiters should not have access, in the public school or otherwise, to our children to tempt them into sexual sin.         Our children want significance and purpose in their lives; sexual orientation is neither. .
  2.  How can the odds be suicidal?
The second item to show is the similarity of sodomy with suicide. The following blue italicized text was information discovered via email and was confirmed and edited into the table.  The raw data is available from [] http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/statistics/ []   The table is sufficiently accurate to show the consequences of homosexual behavior.
In a news clip of the "Love Won Out" conference held February 26, 2000 in Tampa, FL , it was reported that the chances of a homosexual catching HIV/AIDS were given as 165:1! These odds are low!   These odds are sure!   Choosing homosexuality is nuts!  Rejecting abstinence is deadly.
CDC cumulative HIV/AIDS cases
(Numbers 4 and 5 below) 
11/31/99 1.a.
12/31/99 1.b.
Your calc.1.c.
1.  US Population
   275 M
265 M
284 M
2.  % Homosexuals
  x  2.5 %
  x 1.0 %
  x       %
3.  Total Homosexual Population
   6.9 M1.
    2.7 M 1.
2 . 6M

4.  Total:  HIV/AIDS cases;
724,656 2.a.
_  _  _  _
5.  Total: HIV/AIDS of Homosexuals 
388,179 2.b.
_  _  _  _
6.  (%) Homosexual transmission  (#5 ÷ #4) = 
   74 % 
 _ 53 % 
_  _  _  _
7.  (%) HIV/AIDS in H. pop. (#5 ÷ # 3 ) =
   9 % 
  14.6 % 
_  _  _  _
8.  Odds of getting HIV/AIDS by
choosing homosexuality ( 1 ÷ # 7 ) = 
  11 : 1 
   7 : 1 
_  _  _  _

9.   All "Intentional 3."Risk Behaviors TOTAL  'Intentional' HIV/AIDS ( X ) = 
_  _  _  _
10.  % 'Intentional'  ( X ÷ # 4 ) = 
_  _  _  _
What are the odds of 'intentionally' getting HIV/AIDS by rejecting abstinence? 4.

1.a. This generous calculation came from the original email.  Various studies have shown the actual percentage ranges between: 1- 3%.  1.b. Column 2 shows the Odds if the male homosexual percentage drops to 1%.  The last column is provided for you to use the latest CDC data to calculate the latest odds.  ( Calculations in 6, 7 & 10 are multiplied by 100 to get percentages.)    1.c.[] Current Us Population [] 2.a. [] http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/statistics/ []    2.b. [] http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/statistics/surveillance/incidence/[] 3. "Intentional" means all behaviors identified by the CDC that result from conscious choices that reject the SAFETYof abstinence, chastity, celibacy or ordinary self-discipline. 4. "Abstinence" defined is:  no sex before marriage, no adultery in heterosexual marriage and no sex after divorce unless remarried.
  • In the first case the odds of 165:1 would make a very good bet.
  • In the latter case it says that a person moving from abstinence or celibacy or even fornication / prostitution into homosexuality is as CERTAIN to get HIV/AIDS as playing Russian Roulette yields suicide.! ! !
  • ANY case IN BETWEEN is NOT good for adults - how much less than our public school children!
     A picture comes to mind of a member of one of the 10 organizations above, handing an innocent and trusting child two revolvers: one empty and one with a live round in a chamber and saying "Have fun learning Russian Roulette!"   No one in their right mind would do this culpable act.   Is it material that these Russian Roulette odds are better at 12:1  than the risks of homosexuality?
Russian Roulette
(with one bullet) 

Suicidal Odds >>
1 Revolver(s)
(six shooter)
This table was inserted to show that whether the odds are 1:1 or 165:1 ,
it is still suicidal to practice homosexuality and to reject abstinence. 
  These organizations and the school boards that promote or adopt this Sexual Orientation policy / document are reprehensible and open themselves up to tort and class action liabilities of extreme proportions.
In the light of these odds why don't homosexuals insist on abstinence?
Why do homosexuals and their friends not even advocate abstinence?
What kind of 'friend' promotes and recruits for suicide?
For the sake of the homosexual's health & life we call upon them to accept abstinence for themselves and promote abstinence for others, especially children.
Note to Parents:  In the light of the The Horrendous Consequences of STD's; and Choices Worksheet , and if your minor child's school is advocating, teaching, facilitating or promoting any form of sex education other than absolute abstinence or purity, you might talk to your personal injury attorney regarding the liability of the school's "conscious indifference" or "deliberate indifference" toward your child, and the potential of collecting monetary damages.  
4/08 News Update ( finally some truth.):  
"Homosexual Leader Calls AIDs" 'A Gay Disease'  see  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/homosexual-leader-calls-aids-gay-disease  ;

3/12 News Update ( sad truths from CDC.):  These failures are due to the immorality and irresponsibility of public school condom based sex ed.

BLOG: Sexual Behaviors Associated with HIV-AIDS [http://www.citizenlink.com/2012/03/13/sexual-behaviors-associated-with-hiv-aids/]
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day just passed. Here's a look at the risk they face, and tips on how to stay safe.  (Surprising statistics from this article:)
  • HIV infection is most prevalent among the 13-29 year-old population (39%).  (Are not these odds 1 in 2.5?)
  • Black/African-American males and females carry the highest burden of HIV infection (males 46%, females 65%) of any ethnic group.  (These odds are worse!  Isn't this outrageous?)
(Another quote:)  "If you’ve had sex with multiple partners, you may be surprised about the extent of your exposure. Remember, it’s never too late to wait – until you’re married, that is. See Sexual Exposure Chart ."
        If, as a result of these facts, someone should feel victimized and oppressed and realize the error of their ways because they listened to the lies of their 'friends' and obeyed those lies;  then, you should know that there is hope in God because He loves you - He made you.   And you should know that the hope for being rescued begins with repentance and a relationship with God.   It is The Father's prophetic plan that His innocent and obedient Son should be slain on a cross and his blood shed in payment for the sins of the world and even YOUR  SINS; but if you never acknowledge it and you don't accept it for yourself, and repent, then it doesn't apply to you.   He won't force freedom on you.   You have the choice of continuing to reject The Father's only plan of rescue for you; or, you can click here to start your saving relationship with Jesus Christ, "The Messiah", The only begotten "Son of God", our "Lord and Savior" .  Or call 1-888-NEED-HIM (Another ministry to answer salvation questions. Depending on call load you may get a recording.) .
  3.  Resources for the homosexual in areas of council, support and healing.
Additional help is available from these resource links:
Changed Lives - Hope For Healing ;   Overcoming Addictions ;

  4.  The following articles uncovering the agenda.of groups and corporations that seek to harm our public school children!
.            "The homosexual rights movement becomes more aggressive each day. . . . A nationwide campaign is now under way, already endorsed by the National Education Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, to place gay and lesbian counselors in every public school in America to help children decide and deal with their 'sexual identity'."      Gary Bauer, former President FRC, Newsletter December 1989, p. 1.        We should read 'counselors' above as recruiters!

American Family Association Journal [] http://web.archive.org/web/20061205051700/http://afajournal.org/archives/24030000304.asp [] March 2000; Volume 24 Issue 3 
"AT&T targets middle schools with pro-homosexual message" .

American Family Association 
 "Homosexuality and Child Molestation: the Link, the Likelihood, the Lasting Effects"  
(reprinted at:) [] http://web.archive.org/web/20090209042027/http://www.afajournal.org/archives/23060000011.asp[]
Some homosexuals want the next generation... in mind and body.   Ed Vitagliano
"Furthermore, research also shows a strong link between the sexual abuse of a child and that child's later pedophilia as an adult.  At the Connecticut Correctional Institution, for example, clinical psychologist A. Nicholas Groth, director of the sex offender program, said 85 percentof the pedophiles were themselves sexually assaulted as youths."

This article is highly recommended reading for revealing the focused, aggressive attack on our children.

"Research findings overwhelmingly indicate that homosexuals are not born but bred..." Peter Wyden, Growing Up Straight (New York: Stein & Day, 1968) !

        The NEA and others under scrutiny on the previous page in this series; and, their document discussed on this page, titled: 'Sexual Orientation & Youth, A Primer for  Principals, Educators & School Personnel' attempts to justify special rights for those that would like to recruit children into behaviors with odds similar to suicide!   We reject the implication that these behaviors are normal and reject the theme that they should be protected and promoted.   Print this article and send it to you state and national reps.; ask them for a written explanation on how they plan to protect our children.     | Quote by homosexual activist Michael SwiftQUOTE ALERTQuote by homosexual activist Michael Swift|
    If you want protection against the agenda.of  groups and corporations that seek to harm your public school child consider this statement repeated from:  VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders: 
  • The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools.(PDF)  "This report has documented the concern that the health of students in many schools across the country may have been compromised and their First Amendment rights may have been denied.  Attorneys have affirmed that any of these situations may constitute grounds for legal action.  Accordingly, they have agreed to consider any case pertaining to harm done to students by any school sanctioned activist organization." 
  • Sample Parent Letters to The School Board:  Hatch Amendment Letters and Others.
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The 3rd page in the series explains:   3. What can conservative members of liberal organizations do?
  • "Were these organization's policies approved by a consensus of the members?"
  • Provides hints and suggestions for a member's inquiry to the organizations leaders.
The 4th page in the series explains:
4. "Fears of the Rich and Famous", Their "Over Population" Lie & Pro-Death Platform!
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