Updated page  Updated Info:  Although my program works well, I have discovered a smaller sized program (75kb) with more options and a more professionally made program that is superior to mine.  This program is outside of our web site and control.  I haven't detected any problems with it.  I cannot know if or when the program will be withdrawn; however I think it works great. Try it at your own risk.   rek 9/07/10 Please seestar  Openwide pgm at http://lingo.atspace.com ,
5/31/13 Still using it - still like it.  I think it works on Win 7 too.star


HISways USA, Inc.

"Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school
 children by exercising our First Amendment Rights."

To Download the Zip file go to:

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3.(a)  Automatically changes 'OPEN' Dialog Box to "Details" view. [see reference pages/links below]

*Freeware / Donationware
Donations (US check or cash (not coin)) can be mailed in an envelope to:

HISways USA, Inc.
152 SW Monroe Circle N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33703-1353

Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children by exercising our First Amendment Rights.    Our Motto. 

To receive our 501(c)3 tax deductible receipt for your donation amount, please indicate your preference: "mailed paper receipt", a printable "eMail receipt" or "none" , and give all necessary contact info..

Note: If you want a "mailed paper receipt" please donate at least $10 or more.  If you want a printable "eMail receipt" [PDF] please donate at least $5 or more.  Thanks

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Link to ZIP file: http://Hisways.org/donors/Details-FixIt-README.zip ;  199.5 Kb
    The ZIP File contains these files:
     1.  HiswaysCross.gif             1.0 Kb
     2.  Details-FixIt-README.htm    13.0 Kb  [This page does not include the Flash Demo code.]
     3.  Details-FixIt.exe          199.0 Kb


Flash size: 1.2 Mb ; Download time @ 56 Kb: 240 Seconds. approximately
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Background, reference and resource pages:

5/8/08: More Freeware fund raisers:
1.  Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet and related information.
(a.)  3X Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet with DEMO. , Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet Readme see next (b) ;
(b.)  Basic info. + other browser bookmarklets >>  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html file:/;
(c.)  Background on search privacy. >> HiswaysGS-Who-What.html ; file/ ;
2.  For Advanced USES of the Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet:   (a.) "ReSearch Power Page" DEMO (throw away searches)  ;  (b.) ReSearch1.htm ;
3.  Automatically changes 'OPEN' Dialog Box to "Details":,  (a.)  DEMO of "Details-FixIt" program. ; For background description see: (b.)  Details-FixIt-README.htm page. ; 
BookMarkLet search, fund raiser:
If you are interested in a cool ReSearch BookMarkLet, try:
  'HISways.IE.NuWin.2007'.  It works in my browser versions: IE v6.0.
with "session" cookies and javascript "on". OR
  'HISways.GS.NuWin.2008' , which works in my browser versions; MOZ v1.7.5, FireFox v2.0, SEA MONKEY v?, and OPERA 9.25 with "session" cookies and javascript "on".

What does it do?   In a browser like this window, HighLight some text you want to search then click the BookMarkLet for your browser above.  The search returns the results in a New Window.  A small popup window sets a cookie that raises funds for HISWAYS USA; and, allows you to check the 'Amount Raised' to date.  For more background on the BookMarkLet see:  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html .  Seealso our "throw away searches" page that you can edit with your own searches(!) and use our embedded BookMarkLet !in our ReSearch page: >>  http://Hisways.org/ReSearch1.htm  ; 

You can also  'Drag' the BookMarkLet into your Favorites, Bookmarks and or Personal Toolbar.  From there it will work in all non-frame web pages that allow javascript.  For example: it does NOT work in Snopes.com .

Web site path:
* Click here to get a new copy of this page. "http://Hisways.org/ReSearch1.htm"