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3.(b) Automatically changes 'OPEN' Dialog Boxes to "Details" view. [see reference pages/links below].
Click/Check here for latest `Details` Update Info. . 5/8/08  Standardized the User-Beneficial Freeware.... links table.
5/3/08 Added Flash Demo
newlink. [Flash size: 1.2 Mb ; Download time @ 56 Kb: 240 Seconds. approximately] 
4/19/08 More User-Benefiting and Freeware Fund Raisers:  Charity BookMarkLet"throw away searches" ReSearch1.htm ;  Details-FixIt-Readme.htm ;

This Freeware/Donorware is all self contained Windows program and uses no registry stuff, requires nothing else to work, does not capture anything nor communicate with anything.  It works only on the FILE OPEN and FILE SAVE-AS Dialog Boxes. 

This Freeware/Donorware program is designed for people who want FILE ''Details'' ''On'' 90% of the time.  It will change almost all FILE OPEN and FILE SAVE-AS Dialog Boxes to the ''Details'' setting.  If you need Thumbnails, Tiles or Icons for a while just click the ''Details-FixIt'' Icon cross in the Taskbar to PAUSE it or click EXIT then restart it later.  See Flash Demo below that demonstrates what it does and how to PAUSE it. (Recommend clicking Pause and Play button for maximum comprehension.)  The "Details" program works in some or all of these applications: MS Works v8, IE v6.0 , Adobe v6 , Netscape v4.7 , Mozilla 1.7.5 , FireFox v2 , NotePad v5.1 , OpenOffice v2., Nvu v1.0 , IrfanView v3.98.  Note: older and some proprietary Dialog Boxes may give undesirable results.  IT DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS ME.   [ If anyone sends usability feedback  it will be posted here.]

The program uses a 1/2 Second delay to recognize a new Dialog Box and an 8 Second delay between resets.  If you OPEN from one program and immediately switch to a different program and OPEN again, the automatic change to "Details" will not occur until the first 8 Seconds has elapsed.  If you can't wait, you can still manually select "Details".  If you manually switch to "List", this program will automatically change it back to "Details" every 8 Seconds.  If you edit file names from inside the Dialog Boxes, it is recommended to PAUSE it because 8 Seconds probably isn't long enough to complete a filename change.  The reason for the fixed delays is to minimize CPU usage.

       1.  To "PAUSE" "Details-FixIt" just click the Task Bar ICON once to show the options menu and will automatically select and check "Script Paused".  The Task Bar Icon will blink while Paused.
       2.  To  "unPAUSE" it, click the Task Bar ICON onceto show the menu; then click "Script Pausedonce to uncheck it.

To have Details-FixIt.exe start up with your other favorite programs just put a shortcut into your ''Startup'' folder.  [Other users on your computer may not like it or want it.]  Your path is probably similar to this path:  where: "YOUR-FOLDER" will be specific to your profile or login.

   Example of probable path:  C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-FOLDER\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
This Freeware/Donorware carries no warrantee.  It was designed, developed and used under Windows XP Sp2 with anti virus software running.  No problems. No errors. No support.  Use at your own risk.  If it doesn't work after 1 or 2 attempts just delete the 3 files in the zip file download.


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Link to this HTML page: ;  
Link to ZIP file: ;  199.5 Kb
Link to FLASH Demo.:
  ,Flash size: 1.2 Mb ; Download time @ 56 Kb: 240 Seconds. approximately

    The ZIP File contains these files:
     1.  HiswaysCross.gif             1.0 Kb
     2.  Details-FixIt-README.htm    13.0 Kb  [This page does not include the Flash Demo, just the link to it.]
     3.  Details-FixIt.exe          199.0 Kb

Background, reference and resource pages:

5/8/08: More Freeware fund raisers:
1.  Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet and related information.
(a.)  3X Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet with DEMO. , Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet Readme see next (b) ;
(b.)  Basic info. + other browser bookmarklets >>  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html file:/;
(c.)  Background on search privacy. >> HiswaysGS-Who-What.html ; file/ ;
2.  For Advanced USES of the Cool Search Tool BookMarkLet:   (a.) "ReSearch Power Page" DEMO (throw away searches)  ;  (b.) ReSearch1.htm ;
3.  Automatically changes 'OPEN' Dialog Box to "Details":,  (a.)  DEMO of "Details-FixIt" program. ; For background description see: (b.)  Details-FixIt-README.htm page. ; 

1.  BookMarkLet search, fund raiser:
If you are interested in a cool ReSearch BookMarkLet, try:
  'HISways.IE.NuWin.2007'.  It works in my browser versions: IE v6.0. with "session" cookies and javascript "on". OR
  'HISways.GS.NuWin.2008' , which works in my browser versions; MOZ v1.7.5, FireFox v2.0, SEA MONKEY v?, and OPERA 9.25 with "session" cookies and javascript "on".

What does it do?   In a browser like this window, HighLighit some text you want to search then click the BookMarkLet for your browser above.  The search returns the results in a New Window.  A small popup window sets a cookie that raises funds for HISWAYS USA; and, allows you to check the 'Amount Raised' to date.  For more background on the BookMarkLet see:  HiswaysGoodSearch-Fundraising.html .  Seealso our "throw away searches" page that you can edit with your own searches(!) and use our embedded BookMarkLet ! in our ReSearch page:>>  ; 

You can also 'Drag' the BookMarkLet into your Favorites, Bookmarks and or Personal Toolbar.  From there it will work in all non-frame web pages that allow javascript.  For example: it does NOT work in .

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