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It is more blessed to give than receive.  Acts 20:35 ; God loveth a cheerful giver. 2 Cor 9:7b  KJV

Consider a donation to HISways USA, Inc. to protect, disciple and re-educate our public school children & parents.

Hisways' benefits of giving: see below.

XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities.          Currently HISways is totally operated by volunteers; there is no payroll.   And all of the donations are used to pay for the promotion of the wisdom programs and goals as stated on our home page .
         We believe that if you give of your time and money to HISways? USA, Inc., you will rejoice and be rewarded in the following ways:
  1. You will join with us in the pursuit of goals that will have a lasting impact, maybe eternal impact on the children.
  2. You will participate in the re-creation of these religious and spiritual programs throughout the country.
  3. Your dissatisfaction with the religious void in public education will turn to true success in the children.
  4. Your participation through us, of telling others of the clear, achievable goals and programs with extensive HowTo's and WhenTo's, will lead to parental assertiveness, confidence and leadership in the home and greater hope for their child's edification, self discipline and wisdom education.
  5. You will be promoting the proliferation of righteousness on and around school campuses.
To make donations, please make checks payable to: HISways USA, Inc., and then mail them to:
HISways USA, Inc.
152 SW Monroe Circle N.
St. Petersburg,  FL   33703-1353
If your donation transaction includes promotional materials or other items of value that you requested, then you will get a receipt less the fair market value of the materials.
You will receive a Hisways USA, Inc. tax deductible receipt for the total amount.

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XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities.  Next in the series:
  1. Be A Special Friend Opportunities.(Good Will)
  2. Event Sponsorship Opportunities.(Participation Fun)
  3. In-Kind Donations.(Necessities)
  4. Sponsor Designated Opportunities (Specific Programs)
  5. Time, Now is the Best Opportunities (Precious Time)

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