"Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment."


The 'Many Hands Helper' web page is part of our efforts to reach out to you and your community for the betterment and blessings of the children, parents, teachers and schools through our motto: "Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment".   In this effort we seek to maintain your security and your privacy of all of your confidential information.   Therefore, the information you supply will not be sold, traded, or shared with any other organization.   You will not be spammed.
     THE PROCESS:   The 'Many Hands Helper' outreach utilizes an exclusively "opt-in" service that does not send unsolicited email.   The only way to receive email directly from this service is to signup with your name, address, and email address.   By doing so you are signing a pledge and authorizing us to add your information to our 'Many Hands Helper' email list.
     EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS:   In order to communicate with you or update you on the status of the goals and programs of HISways USA, Inc., you will receive email on an infrequent basis until a regular basis can be established.  (Update: as of 5/13/13 we now have a monthly eNewsLetter.)  We will  update you on the needs, news and/or results of any events of note.   In all email sent to you it will be understood that you may "unsubscribe" or "remove" at any time by "replying" with "unsubscribe" in the subject field to immediately be removed from the list and thereby receive no further email from HISways® USA, Inc..
    COOKIES:  This site has never used, or stored any cookies of any kind.

    HTTPS:   We do not use https because it requires payments or/and manual labor to get new certificates every 3 months.  You can be sure that you are on our web site when you visually certify that the URL in  your browser's Location Bar matches our registered web site url = http://hisways.org/
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