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RE:  Public Records Request for School Board Policy for Parents Contacting Parents. [Freedom of Information Act]

Dear _________________________;

      Thank you for taking my telephone call regarding my interest in, and request for, the School Board's (SB) Policy concerning parent to parent contacting.  One of the reasons for this inquiry is because I have exhausted all regular parent and group activities like the PTA, School Advisory Councils and such because I have found them to be ineffective and or counter productive.  In order to avoid any miscommunication as to what I was looking for, I thought I would make an itemized request in writing.
      I am desiring to set up a support group of parents of students at __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (E/M/Hi) School.  This support group will address concerns that parents have regarding safety, educational and spiritual issues involving our children.  I would like to have copies, mailed or faxed, of the following SB Policies:
    1.  What is the SB Policy concerning distribution of literature or other advertising that would promote the support group?
    2.  What is the SB Policy concerning meetings at the school?   (Are there any specific problems with meeting in the cafeteria during school? classroom before or after school?)
    3.  Since your previous communication indicated that there was no SB Policy concerning parent to parent contacts, then what is the SB Policy about providing a list to me of the parents at that school for contacting purposes?
    4.  Are there any other SB Policies that apply to parent support groups?  If so what are they?
    5.  What is your SB Policies regarding advertising in the school newspaper or other forum?
       I expect a response within 2 weeks of this letter's date.
Your attention to these matters is greatly appreciated.



Published: 12/14/01; Rev. 12/09, 12/08