RE:  Holiday Restoration Campaign; Teacher Reacher Packets1.or Card Sets2..
Dear Pastor; 
      I have discovered a nice way to: 1) honor our church members who are teachers, 2) help our parents develop better relationships with their child's teachers, and 3) provide legally teachable information about America's Christian Holiday celebrations to our public school teachers and parents and children.
      Gateways to Better Education  has two (2) programs to ' lovingly reach out to your child's teacher throughout the school year with the help of the Teacher Reacher Packet.'  ' It contains a parent-teacher conference checklist to improve communication, a sheet to list prayer requests for the teacher and classroom, two note cards to send encouraging words to the teacher, and three Holiday Restoration Cards to help the teacher understand how the religious aspects of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter can be taught in the classroom.  [] TEACHER REACHER PACKET PICTURE and CONTENTS  []
        Each eight-page holiday card uses a humorous, non-threatening story to persuade the educator that teaching about the holiday is perfectly legal.   The cards include legal documentation to give the teacher confidence and suggested lesson plan ideas that pass constitutional muster.  They also include the U.S. Department of Education's guidelines on the religious rights of students at school, and they have a place for the parent to write a personal note to the teacher.'   Another option is to purchase Card Sets of the 3 different cards and send them ourselves.
      I thought that our church could do what other churches have done to support our public school parents and teachers.   I thought that either the Sunday School classes or our prayer partners who are praying for our schools might like to sign & send these cards of encouragement.
      Teacher Reacher, Option 1: The church buys and distributes the Teacher Reacher Packets to our teachers and parents to build and encourage relationships of our church members.
       Action 1:  The parents send the cards at the appropriate times during the school year.  And (or) the Sunday School class sends the cards to their classmates who are public school teachers during that holiday.  For  "When To start", see ( ).
      Teacher Reacher, Option 2:  The church buys 20 or more of the relationship building Teacher Reacher Packets, shows the free video (5 minutes) and uses the display, posters & bulletin inserts to encourage the project, to educate all of our members and to facilitate donations. Action: See Action: 1.
      Card Sets, Option 3:  The church buys and distributes the Card Sets to our Teacher Prayer Partners or our parents & teachers or our Sunday School classes. Action: Same as Action: 1.
      Card Sets, Option 4:  The church buys 20 or more of the Card Sets, shows the free video (5 minutes) and uses the display, posters & bulletin inserts to facilitate donations, encourage the use of the packets and educate all our members about Christian Holidays in PS's. Action: Same as Action: 1.
DISCOUNTS:  (Confirm prices at the link below or when calling.)
1.  Teacher Reacher Packets:  Discounts: 1-3 packets = $14 ea., 4-16 = $12 ea., 17-33= $10.50 ea., 34-99= $9 ea., 100+ = $8.25 ea.    The Free Promotional Kit with order of 20+ packets includes: 5 minute video, tabletop display, posters,  camera-ready bulletin inserts.
2.  Card Sets: the 3 different cards per set.: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.   Card Discounts: 1-9 cards= $4 ea. , 10-49 = $3.50 ea., 50-99= $3 ea., 100-299= $2.75 ea., >300= $2.50 ea. (Exa: 10 teachers & 3 cards/set= 30 cds. @ $3.50 ea.= $85.00 )
The Teacher Reacher Packets and Card Sets are available from:
Gateways to Better Education
P.O. Box 514
Lake Forest,   CA   92609
Parent Advice Line: 949-586-5437 
Order Line: 800-929-1163 
Holiday Restoration Campaign Church Line:  888-706-5601 

Sincerely yours,                      
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