An attention getting advertisement for influencing your school for the children's sake.
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Calling ALL concerned over 
failing public schools! New
Organization, Cooperation, 
Tools, HowTo's at
compliments: your-Phone-number or or
These are attention getting classified advertisements that use "20 words" and which is suitable for your child's school newspaper or your local newspaper(s). 
This ad. allows the reader to follow up with multiple contact options: 
  • Contact you with affirmation, acceptance & inquiries or 
  • Be added to your contact list or 
  • Be added to our contact list or
  • Link to HISWAYS.ORG to get an idea of the goals, programs and potential for helping our public school children. 
  •        HISWAYS.ORG - PTO
    "Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amend." Contact: your-phone-number or or

    This ad is presented as an example of simple ways to advertise and network for the benefit of our public school children.   However, 'Hisways' is our copyrighted & registered name and shall not be used without prior written approval.   Call for more information or write for approval to use.

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