Since we've tried it every other way; why not try it His way?
Since we've tried it every other way; why not try it His way?
Motto:.."Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our First Amendment."
1.   Prayer Circles:   Return prayer to our children's school.  Encourage, solicit and promote voluntary groups like: Parent's Prayer Partners, Teacher's Prayer Partners, Student's Prayer Partners.
2.   Bible Clubs:   Return Bible Clubs to our children's school.   Encourage, solicit and advertise voluntary Student Led Bible Clubs.
3.   Bible Classes:   Return Bible Classes to our children.  Elective Bible Classes, held off campus for the students instruction in the basic religious principles of Christianity including wisdom principles for character development like the TEN COMMANDMENTS. This program is called Released Time Bible Study & has been in existence in America since 1914!
Prayer Request: Please pray for: our public school children, these goals; and whether you might help us by being an encourager, promoter, donor and /or volunteer for one or more of our programs.
Organization:   HISways USA, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)3 tax exemption that began in April 1998 by several parents of multiple denominations to accomplish the above goals for the benefit of our public school children.
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