Index of Sample Hatch Amendment Letters + Other School Opt-Out Letters and FOIA [Freedom of Information Act ] Requests + Sample Letters.

"I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."  (Jesus) John 10:10 .... Abundant life is easier, quicker to achieve and longer lasting when we learn and apply His Ways because they cut down on the consequences of the world's trial and error method via ignorance e.g. disease, death and destruction.
HISways USA, Inc. 'Editions With Annotations' are reproductions of the authors original letters; and, the annotations consist of emboldened text style on certain words and phrases that seem particularly unique, valuable, interesting or good for future reference.  Check out our resources for helpful information and possibly free legal assistance, if required:  / Liberty   Defenders/.     (hatch amendment parent or parent hatch amendment))
Our Editions With Annotations
Originals with Links
 ... Sample Hatch Amendment Letter  ...
Hatch.htm   (file)
Family News Page:
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 ... A Consent letter covering fewer items but a little stronger: ...
Consent.htm   (file)
(parental Informed Consent Notice:
 (broken link 4.21.13)
 ... A strong EXEMPTION letter:  ...
Campaign for California Families. (PDF)
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Failure To Perform And Voucher Petition for Public School.
File a request for a voucher because of schools failure to teach.. 2004.   (file)

"Intent To File A Religious Discrimination Claim"
 File a claim under the No Child Left Behind Act 2001 .. 9/18/03.   (file)

"Freedom of Information Act - Sample Request Letter"
General FOIA Request to the local K-12 school board for information on the extent of the boards compliance with State statutes requiring corporeal punishment, certain topics of instruction and curriculum etc. .. 9/15/06. ,  (file)

"Freedom of Information Act - FL Statutes Accountability Request Letter"
FOIA Request to the local K-12 school board for information on the extent of the boards  compliance with Fla Statutes requiring the instruction of Jesus, Bible, Christianity etc. pursuant to FL Statutes .. 9/15/06. ,  (file)

"Approved Authors Opt-In & Opt-Out Letter For Intellectual Freedom In Public School(s)."
This is not censorship or a challenge nor a ban on any books or materials from the school, the school library, school class, teacher or other children.   It is a template for the `Opt-IN + Opt-Out Letter` for parents of K-12 public school children who want to exercise INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM and facilitate reading assignments by substitution of the alternative `APPROVED AUTHORS of EXCELLENCE` or `The Addendum #1 Authors` as listed in 2AuthorsMasterLists.html page who are most excellent, very appropriate, extensively translated into all languages and currently read worldwide by billions of people.   3/16/09.  

Online example of Alameda, CA LGBT Opt-Out letter of curriculum. (This link broke after the parents sued Alameda school board.)

Parents Can Opt Out.
 These 2 links go to AFA of MI.  These are valid in all 50 states.

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