Failure To Perform And Voucher Petition for Public School.
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  Dear _______________________                            Date: _____________________________

  I am the parent of ______________________ who attends ______________________ School in the ______________________ School District in the State of ______________________.

  The purpose of this letter is to preserve my child's right to an education as legislated under federal and state laws.  As determined by federal and state legislation, parents have the primary responsibility for their children's education; and, as a result of compulsory attendance requirements and local taxation this community has approved and requires, by virtue of my residence in this district, the benefit of a free education which the school may not deny nor fail to provide.  However, the above named school is in fact denying and/or failing to provide this legislated benefit; therefore a remedy is offered.

  Whereas:  My child is normal, not symptomatic of any, nor proven to have any learning disabilities.  And

  Whereas:  My child is not performing on grade level and has not performed on grade level for the past  _3_ (number) years; hence is deficient in     elementary reading     class(es) or curricula.  And

  Whereas:  My child shall not be deprived of the benefit of a free education by this district.  And

  Whereas:  Said school personnel, textbook(s) selections, curriculum, curriculum writers, etc. and/or other school board failures have caused personal injury to my child, me and my family and the tax payers of this school district.  And

  Whereas:  By this notice, opportunity is given to said school district to remedy the current deficiency in _6 months_ by using   Classical - Unadulterated Phonics   .  And

  Whereas:  I will assist in all reading meetings, participate in any ancillary methods and be active in daily home work assignments to facilitate my child's achievement to grade level in this area in the time allotted.  And

  Whereas:  My attorney or 3rd party, as named below, shall perform: multi variable and independent test(s) on my child on _______________ (date(s)) to establish an objective proficiency level and shall be re-tested with the same test(s) _6 months_ hence on _______________ (date(s)) to establish the improved proficiency due to the specific instruction. And

    Whereas:  If the independent testing results show that my child is performing on grade level in the particular area identified above, this notice shall expire.  However if grade level is not achieved my attorney is instructed to seek restitution or otherwise petition the school district for a Total Budget Voucher.  Annually thereafter my attorney shall perform all voucher collection and residence validation certifications for 3 years until my child finishes private school, quits school, or until our residence ceases to be within the above named school board jurisdiction.  After the period of 3 years time I will assume voucher petitioning and residence validation duties.

Total Budget Voucher is defined as the total annual school board budget divided by total student population as certified and reported to the Federal Dept. of Education.  The attorney's fee for this service shall be 15% of the Total Budget Voucher per annum for 3 years.
    I respectfully ask you to send me a substantive response to this letter attaching a copy of your policy statement(s) on procedures for __________ requirements, to notify all of my child's teachers, and to keep a copy of this letter in my child's permanent file. (2.)

   Thank you for your cooperation.



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Not everyone can help at the time you make your request and generally the wheels of school government move slowly so you may have to adjust the dates.  Letter #2. (rebuttal) does not exist yet.


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