Cover Letter for 1st Petition
for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
Before using this form letter, make decisions about all of the italicized items, do the homework and then cut & paste it, edit it and fill in your specific information.

Dear Church Liaison, [contact person]         Letter # 1.

    I called your office and you were recommended as the person to contact about supporting a petition  for an elective high school history or literature class in our local public school using the Bible as the textbook.
    Here is the petition and the informative links which I called the church office about.  The hope is that we can get some signatures back by  ( ____________   date ) so that they can get to the ______________________ School Board meeting on ( ____________   date )  .

    The petition is available as an "Attachment", "Fax", "Web Page is located at...."  etc.
(A Sample 'Printable Bible Curriculum Petition' =  A blank petition form you can print and fill in =  or get NCBCPS's petition in PDF format.)
Here's some Bible Curriculum links to NCBCPS ; National Council On Bible Curriculum In Public Schools         Phone:   1-336-272-3799 .
      NCBCPS Course Contents; click on "curriculum" at
You can call them to order their start up manual.
      Dr. D James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Rabbi Daniel Lapin & formerly Dr. Bill Bright among others are on the Advisory Bd of NCBCPS.   It's legality is supported by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).

    It would be a big help if you could forward this to friends or interested parties.  Thank you.
Your Name,
Phone, Fax and/or Email:  address

ps.  A person by the name of (name) and myself started this project for the sake of the kids.  If you have any questions about this, contact me and let's talk about it.   If you would like to see some of the NCBCPS materials contact the school board.  They should have some available by fax or for you to pick up.

Not everyone can help at the time you make your request and generally the wheels of school government move slowly so you can space these letters out over a couple of weeks.  See Letter #2.