Cover Letter for 2nd Petition
for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
Before using this, make decisions about all of the italicized items, do the homework and then cut & paste it, edit it and fill in your specific information.

Dear church liaison,                             letter #2.
    Many thanks to all of you for the petitions that were sent in by (date).  If you recall,  I
sent you a (fax/email) with the petition asking for support of a Bible curriculum program.   Well here's the update.
    ( We or names) and I took the petitions and copies of the National Council's Bible Curriculum, which we purchased, to the  (date) school board meeting.   The results are that the curriculum will be reviewed by (Superintendent / Curriculum).  We are expecting them to return a
"recommendation for approval" for the Board to vote on sometime in (month / date).
    In the mean time we would like to get additional signatures on the petition to show that it has good local support.   (There isn't much sense in getting a class established if there is no interest in it.)   The hope is that we can get some signatures back by (date) so that we can deliver them to the School Bd meeting on (date).
    Here's some information that wasn't in the (fax/email) last time.
     It's an elective class.   Open to any [high] school students who must voluntarily sign up for it.
     It's taught by a regular school district, state certified, public high school teacher.
     It's a secular (history/literature) class with regular elective credits toward graduation.
     The credits are standard high school level granted by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges
and Schools who accredit public schools).
     It uses the standard NCBCPS Bible curriculum, which is legal and currently used in 29-33 other
Action Needed:
    Please print a copy of the petition which is attached or use the
( blank petition form you can print out and fill in =
If you fill it out yourself, please specify this information ... and Statement of Objectives ... etc.  ...  )

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Dr. D James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries & formerly Dr. Bill Bright among others are on the Advisory Bd of NCBCPS and it's legality is supported by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).
    It would be a big help if you could forward this to friends or interested parties.  Thank you.
Your Name,
Phone, Fax and/or Email:  address
Not everyone can help at the time you make your request and generally the wheels of school government move slowly so you can space these letters out over a couple of weeks.  See Letter #1.