Survey Guidelines
for making and using surveys, petitions or polls.
Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children.

Usually each of the Survey Questions will have References, such as:  [] usa . . .[] , that opens a 'new browser window' for links to the National Programs web pages;  and/or [] How To . . .[]START references for additional info. that will help you & your friends become more knowledgeable and effective at initiating programs.   || Print Alert ||
See also;"" for extensive supporting data, background information & answers to many questions.

Recommendations for Survey Organizers, distributors, promoters:
Please read thoroughly the particular "..." Survey / Questionnaire Form that would most likely apply your intended audience.   If it doesn't seem to ask the questions you are interested in, review one of the other surveys and perhaps use it instead.
Your most effective strategy will be surveying the group with which you share a common element.
For instance, the "School Surveys" will have immediate appeal to:
  1.  Parents, grandparents & teachers* of public school (PS) children, and
  2.  Those that have morals or faith or recognize the inward & outward value of discipline, and
  3.  Those that are upset, dissatisfied and frustrated with PS's anti faith indoctrination and
  4.  Those that can't get their children out of the PS system.
                            *Teachers and school staff are included because they care for the child, want the child to learn and have an interest in their success.
The "Business Survey" will appeal to businesses because they deal directly with:
 1.  The products of the PS system when they hire, train or retrain employees ; and
 2.  Have to deal with the top employee issues of lies, theft and lack of integrity.   And with
 3.  Customers who steal, don't pay bills and/or go bankrupt.  And
 4.  Vendors who aren't trustworthy, etc. all of which is symptomatic of
 5.  A lack of self-discipline or personal ethical standards which affects the profitability your business.
The "Community Survey" will appeal to neighbors because citizens:
  1.  Deal directly with children in the neighborhood, delinquency, rudeness etc.
  2.  Pay school property taxes but are concerned about incidents like Columbine High School.
  3.  Elect officials to be responsible for the schools and the children.
  4.  Elect other officials to be responsible for the safety and well being of the community.
  5.  Must deal with massive increases in crime and antisocial behavior which is symptomatic of
  6.  A lack of discipline or ethical standards which affects the quality of their community .
After you identify your most effective audience; and secondly, your primary concerns; then distribute the surveys and use them to:
Instructions for Survey Organizers:

Disclaimer: The Surveys and Questionnaire Forms and the "Subjects" for the Blank Survey Form and the BLANK Survey / Petition / Poll Form are intended as potential informationm, "talking points" or idea stimulators only and in no way should they be considered complete, applicable in any particular case, or as legal advice or council; therefore, HISways USA, Inc. shall be absolved of any and all liabilities for the use, misuse or abuse of this suggested information.

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