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  1. Would you say it costs your business money when your employees are not punctual, steal or lie?
  2. Do you think it is a business interest for you(r) employees to have a certain level of self discipline, standards or morality?
  3. Do you think it is a valid business interest for you(r) employees to have strong, healthy families?
  4. Would you say it costs your business money when your employees families disintegrate?
  5. When your employees families disintegrate would you agree that it probably involves one or more of the following: drinking, gambling, stealing, pornography, pedophilia, fornication, adultery, sodomy, debt, murder, prostitution, abortion?
  6. Do you think it is an important business interest for you(r) employees and their families to be warned and taught to abstain from the above behaviors?
  7. Do you know that some of your employees who are public school parents are angry & alarmed about some or all of the anti parent dogma being taught or condoned contrary to their desires, wisdom and expectations? Like:  Theories, witchcraft (Harry Potter), prostitution, fornication, adultery & abortion (in condom based sex ed classes), sodomy & pedophilia (condoned under sexual orientation policies), unblocked internet pornography in liberal school libraries and the lottery-gambling trap.
  8. Do you agree with "The national leadership of the Parent Teacher Assoc. (PTA) [who showed] unqualified support of the homosexual agenda in the public schools. ...[when they]  attended a White House viewing of a pro-homosexual video called ' That's a Family,' that is being promoted by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) in our nation's public schools?"[] Press [] , [] 3 Mem []
  9. Do you approve of the NEA/AFT [] teachers unions [] who wrote and distributed to all school boards a document promoting sodomy & pedophilia called 'Sexual Orientation and Youth'?  [] 2 [] ,
  10. Since it can be shown that moving from abstinence into sodomy is suicidal l[] 2. AIDS [], is it in your employee's child's best interest and your insurance carrier's interest to require that only abstinence and sexual purity be taught in sex education classes?   [] usa 8 [] , [] How To start Abstinence in PS []  .
  11. Would you approve of your locally elected school board voting for & passing a prostitution and fornication based sex education curricula that use condoms like Pinellas County, FL did in 1996?
  12. Would you approve of your locally elected school board voting for & passing a sodomy and pedophilia based Sexual Orientation Policy like Pinellas County, FL did in 1999?
  13. Would you sign petitions to remove the prostitution based sex ed. class and the Sexual Orientation Policy and/or the school board officials who voted for them?
  14. One estimate of the average health care costs for someone going from HIV to AIDS to death is $250,000 over 10 years.   If homosexual behavior is practiced by 2% of your employees, isn't all of your employees health insurance costs going to increase by a factor of: [2% x $250,000 + 98% x $25,000]/ [100% x $25,000] = 1.18 cost multiplier?
  15. If you own stock in a company that has announced that they are extending health care benefits to homosexual employee's companions, and if they both get HIV/AIDS; [2 x 2% x $250,000 + 98% x $25,000]/ [100% x $25,000] = 1.38 cost multiplier!  Would you expect your stock to be less profitable than the competition that does not extend benefits to homosexual companions?
  16. Would you like a list of such companies in order to modify your stock portfolio?
  17. Does the immoral, unhealthy and private bedroom behavior of your neighbors have a significant and direct negative impact on you, your family, your business and your stock portfolio?  [] 3 Mem []

Y   N     ON CAMPUS  BIBLE  CLUBS  AND  CLASSES  . . . [] usa Class 3 [] [] usa Clubs 2 [] , [] usa Prayer 1 []
  18. Would you want to know about elective non sectarian ON Campus classes of History or Literature for credit where the text is the Bible? ,[] How To Start a Bible Class []
  19. Would you approve of students & parents starting a student [] prayer group [] or [] Bible Club []?

Y   N     OFF CAMPUS  RELIGIOUS  BIBLE  CLASSES  . . .    usa 4   ,  [] usa 4 [] , [] How To start an RT class [] .
  20. Would you want to know about elective OFF Campus Christian Bible Classes?
  21. Would you sign up your child for elective OFF Campus Christian Bible classes?

Y   N     OTHER  INFORMATION & INTERESTS  . . . [] usa 5 [][] HowTo start Teacher Reacher Cards [],
  22. Would you be interested in information about sending your child's teachers and administrators Special Holiday Cards for their encouragement and support?
  23. Would you like more information about your child's school library and its policies on non censored books, magazines, internet pornography, and unrestricted access to items that could be inappropriately available to your minor child?   . . .   [] usa 6 [] ,
  24. Would you like to know the results of this survey? By NewsletterBy Email?  (If Yes, Circle one.)

Y   N  TIME  AND  TALENTS      (Organizers:   For your local Help Inform: or [] national []  )
  25. Would you be willing to give of your time and talents to promote public school reform?  Please place a number next to the heading, in order of preference, where you would like to serve.
 ______  I will HOST or ATTEND (Circle one.) a follow up meeting or discussion group ;
  26. Would you be willing to donate to Hisways® USA, Inc. []  501(c)3  [] to sustain these activities?

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