Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment rights. 
Since you have tried it every other way; why not re-try it His way? 

VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:
        Anywhere in America where one is permitted to speak, one has the right to say the name "Jesus Christ" and everyone has the duty to hear it, to hear it without complaint and to hear it without prejudice!!
       Below is an incomplete list of various Liberty Defenders who are ready and able to defend our Constitutional, 1st Amendment and Religious freedoms.   These groups have extensive experience of politely educating and informing schools, school boards and school board attorneys of the correct interpretation of our Constitutional liberties for religious expression and speech and equal access etc..
       These organizations have differing goals and priorities and different workloads and manpower available; therefore if you don't get a satisfactory answer or response from one organization, call another.  If you call one of these organizations, you will usually get one of two responses; an immediate conversation with someone about your problem or they will return your call the next work day.  Sometimes they will send you some literature to help explain the current laws and the courts interpretations etc..  Frequently they can simply and efficiently resolve the issue with a phone call or letter to the public school teacher, administrator or school board official.   (Consider having contact names, addresses, phone numbers &/or email information available when you call).  If the situation is more complicated they may defend you in court for free. (This page in PDF)

I.  Defense Attorneys & Lawyers:
II.  Tort Funding & Training Centers:

III.  Links to various Laws and Guides:

VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:. (This page in PDF) 
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