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.. Hisways USA Inc. and Christian Coalition of Pinellas and Christian Resources International are cooperating together to post The National Motto 'In God We Trust' in all Pinellas public school classrooms.  Send donations by check 'For: National Motto'. For a review of all of the steps in "The 'In God We Trust' Campagin PLAN" see 

LAMINATED  POSTERS:    Each beautiful, laminated 11"x 14"  full color poster features our nation's official motto, 'IN GOD WE TRUST', adopted by Congress in 1956. The poster can be displayed in every public building in America.  Each one has  ¼" - ½" sealed edges all around. (price includes shipping & handling; US orders only) 
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   "Laminated Posters" 
   (edge dimensions are 12" x 15"); "T"= Total
  •  1 Plain Lam.  $5 ;  (w/TRP  $6)
  •  4 Plain Lam. $16 T ; (w/TRP$20)
  • 10 Plain Lam. $30 T ; (w/TRP$40)
  • 25 Plain Lam. $50 T ; (w/TRP$75)
Add a Teacher's Reference Page (TRP) [Click here] on the back with resources, info. & links at $1 ea. for your TEACHER!

Click here to see a larger picture of the framed poster.
11" X 14"  FRAMED  POSTERS:    
Get a poster framed in beautiful, genuine ¾" mahogany wood!
(price includes shipping and handling; US orders only.  Dimensions are standard inside frame dimensions. )       FOR THE CLASSROOMS.

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  • 1-2 copies, $20 each
  • 3-10 copies, $18 each
Call for Volume Discounts

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