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Posters in all 5000 Pinellas classrooms!

Dear Friend and Patriot,       7/20/02 pm

Thank you for your attention to this important endeavor to place the National Motto, "IN GOD WE TRUST", in all 5000 Pinellas public school classrooms.  In the light of the assault on American children, families and schools; and even the "Pledge of Allegiance", the time is now to show your support in this campaign to defend our American culture for the future of our public school kids. . We have lost so many liberties to the enemies of America that we have to accomplish this task with private funds because the use of public tax dollars would probably cause the leftist Judiciary to declare it illegal 'church & state'!
The following links will explain how you can help us advance this cause for the sake of all of our local public school children. [Links for AOLers are at the end.]
. http://Hisways.Org/Motto/LAM-back1.htm <>  This link is our CATALOG  OF  GIFTS where you can order and receive various "IN GOD WE TRUST" posters, either laminated or framed, for your business, home, club or organization.  [see fax/link page ]
. http://Hisways.Org/Motto/Pledge1.htm <>  This link is our PRINTABLE  PLEDGE  FORM where you can record your gift selection(s) and the donation "Total" and then just mail in the form. Checks should be made payable to Hisways USA, Inc.. You will get a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at one of the numbers below or contact us by E-mail. (Note: not every volunteer caller has Email capabilities.)

 Rick at Hisways - 521-6012 or Email <Staff [at.]>

Our volunteer(s) would like to follow up in 1 - 2 weeks or so by telephone, Email or fax to check on the status of your donation or pledge toward this fantastic goal of the National Motto of the United States of America in all 5000 Pinellas public school classrooms.

Sincerely yours,

Rick at Hisways
and The "IN GOD WE TRUST" program volunteers,

Please 'Forward' this to your friends and family, neighbors and tax payers and give them the opportunity to participate in this exciting program.

"Christian Coalition of Pinellas" [595-6971] and "Christian Resources International" and "Hisways USA Inc." are all cooperating together to implement this program. Call and tell them of your support.

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