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RELEASE TIME: elective off campus religious Bible study program, locations & links:
California Released Time Christian Education (800) 360-7943   [http://www.CaReleasedTime.org/] PO Box 2328

 Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Young Life Clubs & Small Groups: 19 FL cities & growing,  See:  http://www.younglife.org/Locator/ (slow)

NCBCPS: elective Bible study program, locations & links. National Council for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools:
No known links: See the National sponsor Contact & Link info. under /USA/ #3. School Bible Classes.

Locations & Links: See the National sponsor Contact & Link info. under /USA/ #5. School Holiday Cards.

Be sure to check out the other affiliated programs to enhance your childs public school experience.

HOME SCHOOLS:  Home school locations exist but they do not necessarily have web pages or email addresses.
State Laws: Home School Legal Defense Association, http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/
         State List: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/regional/Region.htm
                     Listed by states:     http://www.home-school.com/groups/

NOTE:   If you don't see your favorite program offered on your STATE's page;
Although the laws and policies of the next state are probably different, the program contact office might be able to guide you for: who, what, where etc. program information in order to get you started.   Consider asking them if they will come and speak to your group of parents & citizens, charity or missions organizations if you agree to cover their expenses.

If you know or find programs that are missing from here, email us the STATE and local program Contacts & Links and we will include them here to maximize the benefits to your STATE's parents and children. 

If this is important information for the public school children of your STATE and of America,
consider our page: XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities.

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