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State Laws for Released Time Bible Study:  http://www.rtce.org/pages.asp?pageid=32780
 State Laws for HomeSchools at Home School Legal Defense Association: http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/

  America's founders did not intend for there to be a separation of God and state, as shown by the fact that all 50 states acknowledge God in their state constitutions: http://neprimer.com/50StatesAcknowledgeGod.htm
NOTE:   If you don't see your favorite program offered on your State's page:
1.) Check for the program's National Web Site including State Chapters under the "III.  What School Programs?: /USA/ " link below. (It's preferable than repeating the links in all 50 States pages.)
2.) Check your closest adjacent state or Tri-State area for those program(s) and contact(s) information.  Although the laws and policies of the next state are probably different, the contact might be able to guide you to: who, what, where, when, calendar and/or guideline materials, etc. in order to get you started.   Consider asking them if they will come and speak to your group of parents & citizens, charity or missions organizations.

If you know of or find programs that are missing from here, email us the STATE and local program's  Contacts & Links and we will include them here to maximize the benefits to your STATE's parents and children.
If this is important information for the public school children of your STATE and of America,
consider our XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities  page.

IV.  /STATES/ Wisdom Programs:
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