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Subject: Inherent Truth!  By Ron Branson
From: J.A.I.L. News Journal  (www.jail4judges.org)
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 19:26:51 -0800
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Inherent Truth!   By Ron Branson
Inherent truth supersedes every charge or argument that may be laid against it, because it is -- inherent truth!  Inherent truth exists whether or not anyone believes or agrees with it.  It just is -- "inherent truth!"  It is irrelevant whether anyone is confused over what inherent truth is.  They will either learn to abide by inherent truth or suffer the consequences. There has never been a time in which inherent truth did not exist, but there certainly has been a time when men did not understand inherent truth.  Inherent truth is not invented; it can only be discovered.  Inherent truth has no beginning; it always is, even before it is discovered.

The U.S. Supreme Court is not the final determiner of inherent truth; rather, it is inherent truth that is the determinant of the Supreme Court.  If the Supreme Court is consistent with inherent truth, its determination is right.  On the other hand, if the Supreme Court determination is inconsistent with inherent truth, it is wrong.  Any other reasoning makes the justices of the Supreme Court gods, and not men.

If it be agreed that these justices are not gods, ... (then), justice, being inherent truth, is not an option.  ... laws that are consistent with inherent truth are self-evident.  (This is how a person can immediately know whether a court decision is right or wrong under God and under The Constitution.)

Inherent truth ignores the devices of evil men, and goes on being -- inherent truth!  Men come and go, but inherent truth remains firm.  It may be opposed, but never defeated.  No man can defeat inherent truth whether or not that inherent truth has yet been discovered, because it is  ... immutable inherent truth .

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