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 Hebrews 11:1   Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.   New King James Version (NKJV) 
"With No Faith, There is No Finance."
- Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War' , pages 220-221, , ©1999 Multinomah Publishers, Inc..

" ... Integrity is God's idea.  Propagated by obedient Christians and Jews throughout the world, it is arguably the number-one asset in the effort of businesses and governments to make their economies stronger.  That is why integrity is one of the most important assets of a system of ethical capitalism.  It has certainly helped to build America's economic machine." [no integrity, no ethical capitalism. - ed.]

"Faith- But integrity is only part of the benefit package that often accompanies biblical faith in America.  As mentioned earlier, one of the most important of these benefits is faith itself.  Having faith accustoms people to making major commitments without assurance of success.  Couples must marry without the help of a crystal ball that would predict all the ups and downs of their future together.  Farmers plant and await crops that may or may not ripen.  Investing capital, starting a business, hiring new employees - all involve risk and require faith.

In fact, the very act of accepting metal discs or pieces of paper in exchange for a day of backbreaking labor requires enormous faith.  To understand the true dimensions of that faith, observe how things change in its absence.  ValuJet, an airline loved by Wall Street, provided economical air travel to select destinations.  When one of their planes crashed into the Florida Everglades, the airline collapsed.  Why should that have occurred when other airlines have sustained catastrophic accidents and survived?  In the case of ValuJet, the accident was widely perceived as symptomatic of general carelessness.  There was a major loss of faith and the market responded.  People stopped flying and inventors withdrew their capital.  When investors lose faith in markets, when depositors lose faith in banks, when citizens lose faith in the currency, economic disaster strikes.

But as long as faith is intact, people will accept intrinsically worthless paper or metal as payment for their goods and services.  They do so in the belief that when they require some commodity, a vendor will in turn accept their little metal discs or scraps of paper.  As long as the future remains uncertain, people who maintain Bible-inspired faith will always have a great advantage over those who do not - whether as spouses, farmers, or investors".

"One of the Hebrew words for a businessman is Ohmein, which means "man of faith" and shares the same root with the liturgical "Amen".  With no verifiable information that he will be successful selling his wares, the merchant nonetheless purchases inventory.  He then delights in selling out his inventory, even vital commodities like food or clothing, in exchange for metal discs.  Instead of despairing at how he will now feed and clothe his children, he has complete faith that whenever he wishes, there will be someone who will gladly sell him food or anything else for those very metal discs.  This faith would be quite unfounded in many parts of the world in which stores are often without inventory and even food is scarce.  Even people with money starve in those circumstances.

Were a businessman to trade on the basis of doubt and suspicion, he would contract little business at all.  As we are reduced to a society that contracts deals using more and more legal documentation, our free-market economy is hindered, not helped.  The dramatic increase we see in the litigiousness of American society is a consequence of the flight of faith - and a symptom of trouble ahead.

All of commerce and consequently much of human freedom depends on honest transactions conducted in good faith.  This is what allows each of us to choose how to spend our energies, time and skill.  It allows us to each set our own life priorities independent of any tyrant's control over our lives.  But with no presumption of honesty and reliability, free commerce must soon collapse and be replaced by a dictatorial, socialistic economy.  With no faith, there is no finance."[emphasis by ed.]

No Faith, No Science.
"Any student who has been deprived of knowledge of God commences his scientific studies at a disadvantage.  One of his handicaps will be the temptation to attribute anything that seems mysterious to coincidence.  This trap awaits because a world without God is obviously a world without purpose."    Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War' , page 159, ©1999 Multinomah Publishers, Inc..
[ Would the student conclude that since the world has no purpose then 'he has no purpose.'?  What a hopeless and depressing extension, and an unnecessary error and trap for minor children. - ed.]

The State Has A Compelling COMMERCIAL Interest To Teach America's Default Faith In Public School!
Since one of the functions of the State is to regulate commerce per the commerce clause of the Constitution, it is easy to prove that 'The State Has A Compelling Interest for Preserving Capitalism By Presenting America's Default Faith In Public Education'!  Commerce is not only finance and integrity.  Commerce is supported by truths of science and technology upon which are built new ideas, processes, patents, manufacturing and employment all of which are major contributors to 'the bottom line'.
"It is therefore not surprising that economics used to be a field of study that belonged with religion and theology. [ ! ! It might not be surprising to him but it's a shock to me! - emphasis added by ed.] .... When the great universities moved the study of economics from their religion to their science departments, they were actually driving a wedge between capitalism [ and finance] and the moral arguments [basis for ethics and integrity] and spiritual dimensions [the power of faith and trust] that underpin its validity."  Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War', page 217, ©1999 Multinomah Publishers, Inc..    [Of course you recognize that economics is no longer in the Science Department but has been further removed from the truth to the Business Department. Two moves and two wedges. - ed.]
And we thought that the Secular Religion's proselytizing first started with 'separation of church and state' in Everson v. Board of Education, 1947!
Today's study of economics is even further removed from the thread of truth since it has now been removed from the science department to the business department!  By moving economics from the theology department to the science department; and then, to the business department [3 moves!] we have lost a lot of truth, faith, trust and wisdom in finance and commerce and become more secularized and more socialistic.  It is clear that if the aspiring graduate wants to be more prepared, more employable and smarter and than a Doctor of Economics from Harvard then he should read and study the Bible!  If the aspiring graduate wants to be more prepared, more employable and smarter than a Juris Doctor from Harvard then he should read and study the Bible's Law and the Profits and the 10 Commandments upon which the law and justice can only rest secure!  Look at what 'We the People' have failed to preserve and what we've lost: [This link goes to, and explains how the early American education was 'word-orientated': Classical Christian Education; A Look at Some History By Ben House. ].  And the US Treasury and the finance industry has acknowledged the lack of faith in biblical financial principles.  They have admitted their financial fears as published in 2001; you can read it under our heading "Financial Appendix" on this page below. 
It appears that the future leaders of America are going to come from the Christian Colleges and Universities.  Are these graduates excelling and gaining reputations as some of the best prepared, smartest professionals and excellent leaders with integrity and honesty?  Are these graduates creating a large demand for their knowledge and wisdom?  They should be or will be.
1.  No integrity, no ethical business.
2.  No faith, no finance.
3.  No faith, no science.
4.  No faith, no commerce, no capitalism, no investment, no risk takers.
The State Has A Compelling Interest for Preserving Capitalism And Preserving America's Economy By Presenting America's Default Faith In Public Education! 
QED.  The single most important issue for preserving America's prosperity is teaching the Bible in public schools.[ So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17 ].  
Financial Appendix:or Absolutely True in the Financial realm.) [Edited and moved here 2/26/09 from absolute.htm ]  
        The following paragraph which was excerpted from a July 2001 credit union newsletter article entitled "Increasing Your Financial IQ". The financial institutions, whose strength is dependent upon financially strong customers, are bemoaning the lack of financial discipline!  Guess where the the traditional principles of strong financial discipline come from.  The Bible!  It has more verses dedicated to principles of finance than on heaven itself.   So The State and the whole FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Has A Compelling COMMERCIAL Interest To Teach America's Default Faith In Public School!  Also notice the 'trial and error'  hogwash from the following paragraph which was excerpted from a July 2001 credit union newsletter article entitled "Increasing Your Financial IQ".  You don't have to experience 'trial and error' if you have sound principles to use.
       "If wallets came with owner's manuals, perhaps we'd all be better at managing our finances.  But most of us have to learn about money through trial and error, and unfortunately some financial errors can take years to rectify.
        Financial illiteracy is a national problem that appears to be growing.  Four years ago, one out of ten households had debt payments exceeding 40% of their income.  In 2000, the ratio was one out of eight.*  And while personal savings have fallen to an all-time low, the average American's outstanding credit card balance has risen by a whopping 123% in the last ten years.**  . . .
Credit Unions Support Financial Literacy
        The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) strives to help Americans be more money savvy.  Recently CUNA joined the National Partners for Financial Empowerment, a coalition formed by the US Treasury Department and leading national financial education organizations.  The  coalition's primary goal is to promote financial education among high school students.  Hopefully, through increased education, the legacy of financial illiteracy will not be passed on to the next generation of Americans.    . . .
*  Source: Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, March 2000.
**Source: U.S. News and World Report, March 19, 2001. "
Everywhere we look we see a lack of Biblical discipline and ignorance of Biblical principles of integrity for good living.  The stupidity is astounding; beyond belief!  The Bible is  Absolutely True in the Financial realm is supported by economist Adam Smith's 'Invisible_hand' metaphor'(The Wealth of Nations, circa 1776).   Please see our article that critiques the Wikipedia.org definition:  A Comment on Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Metaphor at  http://hisways.org/steward/AdamSmithsInvisibleHand.htm.  It was written to preserve and defend my Wiki edit which is an accurate criticism of the government's failed  War On Poverty! 
Personal Finances:  [ added 7/21/14 ]  
Since Rabbi Daniel Lapin has astounded us with such exceptional educational information about finances; and, everyone is forced to be a perpetual student because of the failure of our public school system, I wanted to advertise his "Thought Tools" web page here (slightly edited to show the titles and printable links) about these Principles of God for handling money and making an honest living. 

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