Religious Guide for Parents & Public Schools.
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THE EQUAL ACCESS ACT is designed to ensure that, ..., student religious activities are accorded the same access to public school facilities as are student secular activities.   .. General provisions: Student religious groups at public secondary schools have the same right of access to school facilities as is enjoyed by other comparable student groups. ... (A) school receiving Federal funds that allows one or more student noncurriculum-related clubs to meet on its premises during noninstructional time may not refuse access to student religious groups.
Prayer services and worship exercises covered: A meeting, as defined & protected by the Equal Access Act, may include a prayer service, Bible reading, or other worship exercise. 
Equal access to means of publicizing meetings: A school receiving Federal funds must allow student groups meeting under the Act to use the school media -- including the public address system, the school newspaper, and the school bulletin board -- to announce their meetings on the same terms as other noncurriculum-related student groups...  Any policy concerning the use of school media must be applied to all  student groups in a nondiscriminatory matter.   Schools, however, may inform students that certain groups are not school sponsored. 
Lunch-time and recess covered:   A school creates a limited open forum under the Equal Access Act, triggering equal access rights for religious groups, when it allows students to meet during their lunch periods or other noninstructional time during the school day, as well as when it allows students to meet before and after the school day. 
  Revised 2/7/03
THE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT: 2001  (NCLBA ) As updated 2/7/03]
     The freedoms and rights expressed herein were not altered due to the new law.  This law has improved the public school parents' ability to stop religious discrimination by permitting them to write a "Complaint Letter to their State Dept. of Education."  This has the potential penalty of terminating Federal funding to the school district.  Prior to this law the parents' only recourse was to make a 'federal case' out of it and sue for the restoration of religious freedom(s).  This new law allows the parent to defend their religious freedom(s) by taking it "up the chain of command".   In other words, the parent should first explain their point(s) and their NCLB options with the offender.  If the matter isn't resolved, it should be discussed with the offender's boss or principal followed by the superintendent or the district school board.  One of the authorities should be able to restore the freedom(s) without a formal written complaint.  However ...
     The litigation recourse is still a possibility so our Liberty Defenders page with contact information and link. .  is shown here for your convenience. 
     The Liberty Defenders may also write for you, or suggest points & details (like your State's DOE address) for:
     1.) Writing your "Letter of Intent to File a Complaint" to your school board; or, "Complaint Letter to State DOE"; or
     2.) Recommend a lawyer concerning a suit for damages.

And more good clubs:   (11.)
Official neutrality on religious activity:  Teachers & administrators are prohibited from participating in religious activities with students & discouraging activity because of its religious content. LINKS NOTE:  All of the "reference" organizations whose links are shown here are also available at: or  . 
Teaching about religion & values:   Public schools may teach about religion, including the Bible or other scripture: the history of religion, comparative religion, the Bible as literature, and the role of religion in US history & other countries.  NCBCPS, National Council On Bible Curriculum In Public Schools: NCBCPS Course Contents = ;   1-336-272-3799 [] FREE Legal Defense GUARANTEE []  (5.)
Religious excusals:   Schools enjoy substantial discretion to excuse individual students from lessons that are objectionable to the student or parents on religious or other conscientious grounds.  Example of How To get Excusals by using  Survey Forms ; (pray for what He would have you do.)   (8.) 
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