Stewardship, Discipleship and Discipline.

Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment rights.
Solomon said  ".. wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it."   (Eccl 7:12 , KJV) And  "Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the city."      (Eccl 7:19 , KJV)


 IX.  Stand Up For Your Children's Faith, / Steward /ship, Discipleship and Discipline with resources.
         Because believers acknowledge God, believers have a Relationship and a Unity with one another.   And because he created us in his image we share one characteristic of His image which is the exercise of free will.    Because man can choose, but was born in ignorance; it is imperative that man (minors) have sufficient information to make an informed choice.   Hence God gave us His book that is a revelation of Himself for the purpose of growing a relationship with him.   He thinks this is important; and our educational culture used to think so too.   His book  promotes relationships; both with our Creator and with each other.   This focus should be taught to our children under our stewardship responsibilities because we are responsible for protecting them from anti-family, anti-religion and anti-god policies and programs of rebellion against Truth.   It is appalling that public schools are allowed to promote these things to minors!   It wasn't always this way.
         One incredible feature of the Bible beside its Truth is that it covers topics that we are dealing with TODAY.   It is very current.   The Bible tells us that this kind of education is not new.   Moses was educated in the Egyptian ways including idolatry and astrology etc.; but his mother taught him about God at home as a child.   Moses would not have been Moses without his mother's religious teachings.   This example of family stewardship demands that we do no less.

          These three items are interrelated.  Stewardship or maintenance of the families faith depends on the parents' disciplining and disciple-ing the children's faith.   They can receive help, support and instruction from the church.  The majority of public schools and teachers use to help and support the ideals of discipline and discipleship; however, now the opposite is true.  Is this why parents are concerned about the school's reversal?
          The duty of parents of faith is to see that their children are made aware of the spiritual world and that they will be held responsible for their actions.  The point is that the schools are a failure because it denies God in all of the above and wastes the time, energy and resources of the children when they need it the most.  For some parents and citizens this is totally unacceptable. 

We can not know it all so let's know the best; let us come to know our Creator.
We can't read it all so let's read the best.  Read the Bible.
We can't study everything so let's study the best.  Study the Bible.
We can't do it all so let's do the best.  Let's be responsible for our actions.
We can't buy it all so let's buy from the best.  Lets buy into life giving ideas and avoid evil ones.<
We can't own  it all so let's own the best.  Find out how to get in on the Kingdom of God on earth.

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 IX.  Stand Up For Your Children's Faith, / Steward/ship, Discipleship and Discipline with resources.<

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