Time-line Calendar for:
 3. School Bible History Class: an ON campus elective.
National Council of Bible Curriculum in Public Schools.
Time Line = 18 - 20 months from the initial reading of the Start Up Manual to 1st class attendance. (This timeline estimate is for larger school districts such as a 100,000+ student district and where 5,000 to 6,000 signatures on a petition would be normal.  Timelines for smaller districts would be significantly shorter.)
Dear Mr. Klenk,    .... We do not usually use timelines for people as all school districts are unique.  However if you would like to do so perhaps you could add ... that smaller districts are able to implement our curriculum in about 2 months and larger districts are usually more like 9 months. Thank you so much for your help in letting the public know about this Bible curriculum in the most efficient and effective way.
Suzanne  Storment;  Assistant to Elizabeth Ridenour, Pres. NCBCPS  6/25/03

Jan:  (year 1)
Pray for permission to proceed.  Get the Start-Up manual order/purchase/read/pray.     Start-Up manual includes church presentation suggestions, if needed.
Establish local contacts/parents/helpers. Print Petition, look over sample Petition Cover Letter 1 , Cover Letter 2 , distribute and collect signatures for May School Board (SB) meeting.   Order NCBCPS curriculum.
Make presentation to SB using the materials in the Start-Up manual, signed Petitions and a copy of NCBCPS curriculum for each SB member & Superintendent.
Expected SB action:SB asks the Superintendent to study curriculum and return a "recommendation" for them to vote on.
Follow-up and work with Superintendent as he reviews curriculum, holds workshops (if any), gets state guidelines, state course code numbers and determines testing requirements.
Go back a 2nd time to your contacts/parents/helpers for more signatures to expand the base of support and determine if there is enough interest to continue.
Expected SB action:     Superintendent gives a "recommendation for approval" and SB approves.
Follow-up and work with Superintendent as he locates, hires and trains certified teachers for NCBCPS curriculum.
Determine the best advertising, educating & informative methods to announce the new NCBCPS classes.  Line up financial and advertising resources if necessary because "Elective classes that are not attended will disappear."
Jan/Feb/Mar: (year 2)
Advertise the new NCBCPS classes that are now available for registration in May and for attendance in the fall .
Be prepared to advertise the new NCBCPS classes in all school newsletters or to the public 2 to 4 times a year.
Elective classes that are not attended will disappear.

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