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4. School Bible Study -Christian Religion: an OFF campus elective.
Released Time Bible Education in Public Schools.
Time Line = ? (dependent on size of a school or school district.)  The way that your government school district operates will determine the effort required.  If you are interested in helping all of your children and parents in the government school system than a district wide Released Time Bible Study is necessary.
Jan:  (year 1)
Pray for permission to proceed.  Order the Start-Up Kit including their video presentation.  Note that the video says that 50% of the kids that sign up for the class is "unchurched" i.e. no affiliation whatsoever!.
Proceed to make calls to all local pastors and ask them for a meeting to discuss the ELECTIVE Released Time Bible Study for the benefit of their public school church kids.   Use the Hisways meeting agenda at http://Hisways.org/usa/YPMtgAgenda.htm as a guide and record the answers to the 4-5 questions at the bottom of the page.
Expected action: Expand the base of support and determine if there is enough interest to continue.
Continue to establish local contacts/parents/helpers.  Use a Petition or Survey if necessary.
Expected action: Establish committees of volunteers to continue the several duties required to continue the project toward completion.
Follow-up and work with churches as they review curriculum specifications.  Get the State guidelines and make a plan to meet them.  Look into having a local Bible College supply a teacher and curriculum in order to establish accreditation for the course if necessary.  Hold workshops to educate officials.
Expected action:    Announce a "recommendation for approval" and list of cooperative organizations and their approvals.
Start Parent Prayer Groups (PPGs) meetings in the local public schools.  Pray for the child's protection from bad government curriculum. [http://Hisways.org/praylist/index.htm]
Determine the best advertising, educating & informative methods to announce the new RTBS classes.  Line up financial and advertising resources if necessary because "Elective classes that are not attended will disappear."
Jan/Feb/Mar: (year 2)
Advertise the new RTBS classes that are now available for registration in May and for attendance in the fall .
Be prepared to advertise the new RTBS classes in all school newsletters and/or to the public 2 to 4 times a year.
Elective classes that are not attended will disappear.

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