Subject: Re: Southern Baptist Church & Home Ed. Asso. Website -SBCHEA -
From: Nancy Moral,  Director
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:34:15 -0400
To: Staff (a) HISways.Org
    I hope your members are not willing to take a stand because they feel they can't "homeschool", or they feel they have to homeschool under the district. Our school, and those of our accreditting association could help organize large groups of homeschoolers under "private school statutes". This is a large part of what we do.  For more info check out my web site, or our association,
    To briefly share about Family Tree Private School - Family Tree Private School is a private school exclusively for homeschooling families or homebased programs for those with disabilities. We provide one-on-one assistance and guidance plus documentation, transcripts, report cards, etc.  Instead of signing up with the district superintendent as a homeschooler, those parents who want to have a “parent-directed education modelâ€? have their children sign up under Family Tree Private School, and the children would be considered private school students.  We do not hold exclusive classes nor assign only one curriculum, though I will help you pick a curriculum to use.  I also research relevant & important information to homeschoolers and refer my enrollees to support groups, on-line learning events, local classes or any other information I can help with, including curriculum choices. We also strongly recommend membership in a local support group in your area for activities and information to help you in other areas. There are many great support groups in south Florida for activities.
    Basic fees are $95 to register per year and $25 monthly for tuition. (10 months per year). Tuition for the entire year is due no matter how late in the year a student joins. (There is a $50 fee to graduate and other fees for incoming highschoolers if credits need to be reviewed or "tested in".) Also, there is a discount for siblings. Other fees apply for basic administrative costs for arranging special services, such as those involved with processing scholarships.   Annual standardized testing is required and several options are available. Other extras such as IQ tests, tutoring, etc. are available through referral and parents  must purchase your own curriculum.
    We support a strong, Biblically based approach to schooling with high academic standards.  My enrollees are based primarily in south Florida though we have enrollees from all over the state. I can send you a brochure now, or if you are ready for enrollment, I can send an enrollment packet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Nancy Moral,  Director
Family Tree Private School
17626 94th Street North
Loxahatchee, FL  33470
office 561.721.DOVE(3683)
fax 561.383.6956.


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Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:51:23 -0400
From: Staff <Staff (a)>
Subject: Southern Baptist Church & Home Ed. Asso. Website -SBCHEA -

To: "A Parent of Public School Grads." <Staff (a)>

Howdy Folks, (Welcome all members to the July
eNewsletter of Hisways USA, Inc.)
I'm going to use the link below as the focus for
this months eNewsletter. As you know one of's goals is to increase awareness of the
serious ills of our children's public schools and
provide resources for students, parents and teachers
in the form of: education, information,
alternatives; and, to encourage the use of "No Child
Left Behind" rights and/or links to pro bono
(religious) /Liberty/ Defender attorneys.
The 16 million member Southern Baptists have
decided that a problem exists in our public schools,
and by ...

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