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Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
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Our MAJOR  GOALS:  [ Numbers: 1.- 4. & 6. below] follow the order of our goals & programs as listed on our home page. And expanded on our USA page .  [ If these programs exist in your school we recommend that you "check" , "monitor" and "encourage" their progress every month.]

1. School Prayer Circles, Partners & Groups: Creating singular or cooperating prayer circles for inspiration and encouragement for & by: students, parents &/or Teachers via Staff Encouragement Teams, Parent Prayer Groups (PPG):   : (+++ more...)
2. School Bible Clubs: ON campus extracurricular student activities.  Parents can help the club leaders by: asking them what they need, line up some local Christian speakers (athletes, celebrities) who are pro-God, pro-life etc., support after school campus wide activities.: (+++ more...)
3. School Bible History Class: an ON campus elective. Supporting on-campus elective Bible Classes, teaching history or literature using the Bible as the textbook.: (+++ more...)
4. School Bible Study -Religion: an OFF campus elective. Starting off-campus elective Bible Classes that teach religious principles and morals.   One of the important program facts that make these classes legal is the provision that they be "electives".   Another fact that makes it inter denominationally practical is that the courses leave the distinctive issues of baptism and communion etc. up to the student's church to define and teach according to their own traditions.  : (+++ more...)
5.)    The Contract With Public School Parents for The HISways™ Privately Licensed, All Volunteer, Nondenominational, Independent, Christian {PLAVNIC} Charter Public School. , SCOPE (11/11/05) (file)
6.)  slow blinking new pic.  Approved Authors Opt-In & Opt-Out Letter For Intellectual Freedom In Public School(s).  Purposes:  

Miscellaneous  Goals & Activities:
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.Oct., Nov. & Mar. Pic of the 3 special Holiday Cards and other package contents.
5. School Holiday Cards:  3 holidays/year: Order in Oct., Nov., or March. Try A five year plan: Give every teacher and administrator in the district/ building/ school or class a card.  Or, start with every teacher and administrator in your church, SS class or club etc..  This is a good teacher support activity by individual parents or by churches. (An excellent way to encourage your teachers, administrators and school board members about religions holidays in public schools.). : NEW > Halloween Outreach Ministries! American Tract Society = All Halloween Resources + Harry Potter (+++ more...).
Apr. (National Library Week April 1st)
6. School Library:   Parents should have more to say about Library policy than the ALA.   See also AFA Law Center: (we) "will defend (free of charge) any library and any librarian threatened by the ALA or the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)." Action Letter, Sept. 1999.  +  Making Your Library Family Friendly, A Guide to Involvement in Your Local Public Library. : (+++ more...)
Every Month (check up) is a good month to research and to reevaluate the best for your most precious.
7. Parents` "Education Decision Day": PUBLIC schools, Nihilism , Colleges,: (+++ more...)
Oct. because Oct. is the NEA's Sodomite Recruitment month in PS's.
8. Sexual Purity Programs: Parents Curriculum Evaluator, Parents: Check Your Schools Sex Ed. Curriculum, How To Booklet.  + True Love Waits + "Day of Truth" is now renamed to"The Day of Dialogue." scheduled for April.    . . . : (+++ more...)
Aug. & Dec. + (15. & 7. Parents` "Education Decision Day")
9. Start a School: Christian or Alternative.  Homeschool + ../whento/z8Aug03.htm , , Home Schooling is a huge success, especially for the child(ren). ; State Laws: Home School Legal Defense AssociationState Lists: ; Assoc. of Classical & Christian Schools;   Heritage School, + "explicit phonics" Reading and Phonics, : (more...)
10. Student Spirit in School ,../z9Sep03.htm ; ..//z9Sep02.htm , ..//z9Sep01.htm ,Scriptures In Schools Week + students can distribute THE TRUTH FOR YOUTH Bibles on PS campus.  + See You At The Pole: + 10 Commandment book covers, + In God We Trust   "Put the National Motto In Every Classroom" project : (+++ more...)
Every Month (check up).
11. Dept. Of Education Religious Guidelines: Student's & Parent's Rights. See printable Religious Guide For Parents & Public Schools .   .Student Prayer, Religious Discussion, Graduation Prayer & Baccalaureates, Equal Access Act, School Neutrality, Teaching About Religion, Assignments, Religious Literature, Religious Excusal, Student Garb.: (+++ more...)
Science Specific.
12. Truth in Science, etc.: for students, parents & teachers.  Creation Science: + Creation Evidence Museum + Ten Questions To Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution ,  + Global Warming Science Reports:"Instant Expert's Guide to Global Warming" + Over Population Myth:   :(+++ more...)
Each semester with new textbooks; check `em out.
13. Textbook Research & Error Detection. + Educational Research Analysts, Reviews & Reports on the textbook publisher's public school books from a conservative, factual, and religious discrimination perspectives. - Mel & Norma Gabler;  + Phonics in Public Schools, National Right to Read Foundation. + Phoney Phonics curriculum evaluator + Parents Against Bad Books in Schools (PABBIS) + Hisways' Intellectual Freedom For Approved Authors.. + Why can't they read? : (+++ more...)
Every Month (check up).
14. Miscellaneous Rights. see also /Liberty/ Defenders + STUDENT'S Rights on Public School Campuses, + PARENT'S RIGHTS + TEACHER'S Rights on Public School Campuses, + Focus on the Family - "How To Teach About Religious Holidays" by Eric Buehrer + "In God We Trust" posters encouraging the use of it in classrooms and government buildings across the land. : (+++ more...)
Every Month (check up)+ Aug. & Dec. ; see also #7. Parents` "Education Decision Day".
15. For Churches &/or Ministries.   for public schools. Adopt A School, CEAI,  They also have Adopt A Teacher. + Holiday Restoration Campaign, Gateways to Better Ed., Same as #5 above except sponsored by a church See: for a printable Letter to the Pastor. + "Choosing Your Child's Future"  and the annual parents Education Decision Day sponsored by the church :+ Children's Pastors' Network , + Pastor's consider: "A Social Concern Committee: Worth a Try?"- (wayback)Clergy Appreciation Month (Oct.) : (+++ more...)

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