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   From:  Thu Jan 23, 2003
        To:   Concerned Citizens and Parents,
Subject:   January; ``Take Back the Schools Handbook`` [from homosexualism] [ This California project has been discontinued by the author but the website is current and the reference links are current.  The lesson to learn from this is to include the state representatives/legislatures because it was the 2007 CA legislature that enacted 4 pro-homosexual indoctrination bills aimed at public school children!]    Plus Religious Freedom Day in Public Schools!

Religious Freedom Day image01/08:   Thomas Jefferson's Religious Freedom Act was passed JANUARY 16th 1789.   Several US Presidents have declaired JANUARY 16th , to commemorate the anniversary of the passage of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia State statute.   Student and Parent activities are there and suggested Teacher lesson plans are available.

Howdy Folks,
    Last year (Dec.+/- 2002) Dr. Dobson of "Focus on the Family" made the recommendation to CA public school parents that they should remove their children from the CA school system due to the liberal indoctrination.  It could be descried as the radical, reckless and negligent curriculum which I call "MAD" curriculum.  'MAD' stands for Mostly Atheistic Dogma curriculum.  See it at: [ ].  Since that time there has been an explosion of government education articles on the web.  Righteous CA parents and organizations are trying to save their kids and schools.  Every LOCAL (FL) parent and grandparent must become constructively involved in our local schools because the example of Roe v. Wade shows us that if it isn't confronted right now we might suffer decades of destruction, deceit and Atheism with many lost children - spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
    Now that school is back in after the holidays and we have come to know the PTA, our children's teachers and principal; we can take a closer look at and a more objective evaluation of what the public school is doing to our children.    This article is interesting and goes well with Hisways USA, Inc. goals. - [ 3/07 partial link to home page, OK; 8/04 long link is broken.]
Sincerely, REK A Parent of Public School Kids.
The assault on children, families & schools is cause for concern hence the following links. "New-England-Primer-1996" "1963 Communist Goals for America." "Introduction and Goals of Hisways USA, Inc." "The-Parents'-State-of-Ed-Message." "Religious-Guide-for-P.School-Parents" "In God We Trust" National Motto in every classroom campaign.
Prayer Requests: "Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."
  1. Please pray for wisdom for Hisways, our volunteers and leadership, for the children's sake.
  2. Please pray for our public school children in our government education system.
HISways USA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) ministry, donations are tax deductible and can be sent to:
HISways USA, Inc.  152 SW Monroe Circle N., St. Petersburg FL 33703-1353

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January; ``Take Back the Schools Handbook`` [from homosexuals]  [ This California project has been discontinued by the creator but their website is current and the reference links are current.  The lesson to learn from this is to also target the state legislatures because it was the 2007 CA legislature that enacted 4 pro-homosexual indoctrination bills aimed at public school children!]

Draft outline



How to stop the homosexual agenda in your own local schools
and restore a family-friendly climate for schoolchildren.

by Scott


The effective response to the homosexualization of American public schools must be multi-faceted. This article outlines four primary areas of approach:

1. The Community-Based Citizen-Activist Approach
2. The Church-Based “Mission-to-the-Schools” Approach
3. The Campus-Based Student-Activist Approach
4. The School District-Based “Insiders Alliance” Approach
5.  Elect honorable men to the state legislature.

Each approach can be independently effective but will be more effective when implemented in concert with the others. The shared goal of all approaches is to make the school system genuinely family-friendly.

1. The Community-Based Citizen-Activist Approach

a. This approach requires the formation of a local parental rights group in the local school district or larger community. The group may be formed by an existing pro-family organization or any motivated parents but should be an informal ad hoc group with a narrow focus. The parent’s rights group will
1) Monitor and interact with the schools and the school board.

2) Identify, educate and organize like-minded parents and others.

3) Convert, neutralize or replace anti-family school board members, teachers and administrators.

b. Tools for accomplishing these tasks
1) *The Student Exemption Form. [3/07 updated link ] Parents submit this form to invoke their parental rights to opt-out their children from all sexually-related instruction and materials. The form requires advance notice and parental consent on an incident-by-incident basis.
2) *The Equal Time Resolution. [3/07 updated link ] This is a model resolution to be submitted to school boards. It establishes a district-wide policy that equal time must be given to our side whenever the schools speak or act to legitimize alternatives to monogamous heterosexual marriage in any manner or form.

3) *Petition in Support of the Equal Time Resolution. [3/07 updated link ] This is a tool to identify pro-family supporters in the community and to increase pressure on the school board. If the school board votes down the resolution, the petition signers can be both the initial base of supporters for an election campaign against the anti-family board members as well as a pool of potential candidates to run against them

2. The Church-Based “Mission-to-the-Schools” Approach
a. This approach requires the formation of a Booster Club of parents, grandparents and other church members whose purpose is to promote local schools as an essential mission field of the church by
1) Sponsoring, supporting and supplying Christian and/or pro-family student clubs in the schools.

2) Changing the emphasis of the church youth group from “fun and games” to missionary training, including apologetics, critical thinking, debate, and issues analysis. (Not an end to fun, but a shift in focus that will help kids discover their own importance as agents of Christ in the world.)

3) Honoring the achievement of youth missionaries in the church body.

4) Educating the church body about the homosexual agenda in the schools.

b. Tools for accomplishing these tasks.
1) *Celebrating God’s Design. [3/07 updated link 'sex-ed'] Curriculum for youth groups on issues of sexuality and the problem of homosexuality.

2) *Choice 4 Truth newsletter. Easy-reading quarterly newsletter about the homosexual agenda in the schools from a national perspective.

3) ** Documentation Book. Compilation of evidence of the promotion of homosexuality in the state’s schools. (In progress in California).

4)  Handbook: Religion in Public SchoolsAlliance Defense Fund. 50 pgs PDF  ,  [ 01/08 updated link]

3. The Campus-Based Student-Activist Approach
a. This approach requires an activist-minded Christian or pro-family club to be formed on the campus. The student club will promote the pro-family perspective in the student peer culture by
1) Establishing a visible presence in the school which serves as a rallying point for all pro-family students.

2) Articulating and advocating the pro-family position on social issues.

3) Distributing pro-family resources and hosting events for pro-family speakers.

b. Tools for accomplishing these tasks.
1) **How to Start a Pro-Family Club in Your School.

2) *Choice 4 Truth website and **resources. A line of tracts and other materials designed for the school campus, which educate on the issues and which point kids to the Choice 4 Truth website.

3) *Youth Advisory Project.[3/07 updated link: PDF]  Already in place in California, the YAP is a network of attorneys who have agreed to provide free advice and assistance to public school students who form pro-family clubs on campus or otherwise stand up against political correctness.

4. The School District-Based “Insiders Alliance” Approach

a. This approach requires the development and maintenance of an informal network of pro-family teachers, administrators and school board members. It may be administered by the parent’s rights group, the booster club or any existing pro-family organization with the capacity to create and manage the database and facilitate communication among the allies. It may be a single state-wide alliance, multiple local alliances or some combination state and local alliances.

The Insiders Alliance will advance the pro-family perspective on social issues as a legitimate and preferable alternative to anti-family secular humanism by

1) Protecting and supporting the pro-family student clubs and their right to advocate the pro-family value system on campus.
a) Serving as faculty advisors to student clubs if they are teachers.

2) Monitoring and opposing efforts by their anti-family counterparts to further subvert parental authority and children’s morals.

3) Channeling documentation of anti-family activism/abuses to parent’s rights groups and/or booster clubs.

4) Advocating a religious-based pro-family philosophy within the very narrow limits allowed under current interpretation of the Establishment Clause or a non-religious teleological pro-family philosophy which is not subject to such restrictions.

b. Tools for accomplishing these tasks
1) **Returning Competition to the Marketplace of Ideas: Offering the non-religious natural law philosophy of Teleologism as a superior and constitutionally sound alternative to Secular Humanism for guiding public education. Law article by Scott Lively. A work in progress.
5. Resources for all approaches:
a. **Pro-Family Speaker’s Bureau. A list of competent people who will know the issues and are available to speak to parents groups, student groups and churches.

b. * website. Complete listing of all the public high schools in America with an “adopt-a-school” sign-up form and info about existing Christian clubs on campus (note: most existing clubs are not activist oriented).

c. Eternal Vigilance: Knowing and Protecting Your Religious Freedom book by Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel. “most powerful and comprehensive handbook ever written on knowing – and protecting – your religious freedom.”  [ 01/08 updated link]

* An existing resource.
** A resource which must be produced.

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